COVID-19 update for Bastow participants

Why Bastow?

When you participate in our professional learning, you will leave inspired, informed, connected and thoroughly prepared for a leadership role.

Our professional learning

Our professional learning focuses on the needs of Victorian educators at every career stage and context to improve learning outcomes for children and young people.

As the professional learning arm of the Victorian Department of Education and Training, we are in a unique position to understand and respond to the leadership learning needs and workplace contexts of Victorian educators. To learn more about us, see Our story.

What to expect

By participating in our professional learning, you will learn how to be an informed, engaged and reflective leader. A leader who can work collaboratively with your community to have a positive impact on learning outcomes for children and young people.

You will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to become a great leader to improve both your school and the system as a whole.

Flexibility and accessibility are central to our innovative learning design and blended delivery model. You will learn and grow by participating in mentoring, coaching, workshops, small group collaboration, online discussions and on-the-job learning. You will also have opportunities to apply your new knowledge and skills in different contexts.

Who can apply

Our professional learning is designed and subsidised for educators in the Victorian government system, including primary, secondary, early childhood and education support staff. Educators in the independent and catholic sectors can also apply, but fees are not subsidised.

We design our professional learning for educators at every career stage and step in their leadership journey.

Early childhood professionals

Our professional learning also caters for early childhood professionals - working with children from birth to 8 years of age - to build your leadership capacity and support your partnerships with schools.


For new teachers who have demonstrated their potential to move into more formal leadership positions (emerging leaders), our professional learning develops your leadership skills and deepens your understanding of the drivers of improved school performance.

For more experienced teachers (middle leaders) who are responsible for leading teams, such as year level or subject leaders, we support you to set direction, lead and build teams to improve student achievement and wellbeing. 

For leading teachers and assistant principals who have led significant change within their schools and are aspiring principals, we focus on developing the leadership skills you need to move into a principal position.


We understand the challenges and learning needs of principals at every stage - from new and early stage to experienced principals. Our professional learning supports and strengthens your expertise in school leadership and management.

This learning focuses on giving you the skills to identify and mentor other leaders; build your confidence and capability to make decisions that have a positive impact on student outcomes; and help you stay motivated and committed to your principal role.

System Leaders

We also recognise the importance of supporting principals who are system leaders. We have developed leadership learning resources so you can continue to be strong, strategic leaders, both in your own school and across the system.

System leaders generally work beyond their own school or setting and collaborate with a common purpose, taking on a collective responsibility to influence learner outcomes and reduce the variability of performance within and between schools.

Quality assurance

Our partners and training providers all have strong reputations and exceptional track records. They include highly respected academic researchers and experts from around the globe.

Our rigorous, evidence-based Quality Standards for Professional Learning guarantee excellence in context, content and process.

We design and develop our curriculum using a 5-phase process for identifying core concepts and ideas. The ensures a clear learning scope and sequence, and a consistent approach.

Continuous evaluation and improvement

We conduct continuous and independent evaluation of the impact of our professional learning. This evaluation confirms that participating in our professional learning leads to behavioural change and improved leadership practices.

This evaluation, and data from surveys, feedback and observation, gives us the opportunity to improve and adjust our learning experiences. It also makes us accountable for investing our funding effectively and efficiently.


As a current or past participant of Bastow professional learning, you may be eligible for subject credits or credentials towards postgraduate qualifications from Australian universities. To find out more, click here.