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Victorian Aspiring Principal Assessment - Privacy Collection Notice

  1. The Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership (Bastow) is a branch of the Victorian Department of Education and Training (the Department). Bastow develops and delivers the Victorian Aspiring Principal Assessment (VAPA) in collaboration with the University of Melbourne.
  2. The primary purpose of Bastow and the Department collecting your personal information is to facilitate:
       a. your application to participate in VAPA as a candidate or assessor;
       b. your involvement in VAPA; and
       c. the evaluation of VAPA.
  3. Bastow may provide this information to any service provider contracted to develop or deliver VAPA for the purpose of assisting in its design, delivery or promotion.
  4. Information may also be disclosed to third parties to evaluate the effectiveness of VAPA.
  5. Your contact details may be provided to teaching and corporate staff within the Department to facilitate further professional development opportunities.
  6. If you do not provide the requested personal information, you may not be eligible to participate in VAPA.
  7. An individual may request access to their personal information held by Bastow and request its correction if inaccurate. For this, or any other enquiry, please contact Bastow on (03) 8199 2900.
  8. For general information about the handling of personal information by the Department, please see our privacy policy at: http://www.education.vic.gov.au/Pages/privacy.aspx​.