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Transcript - Talent Management Framework at McKinnon

Kellie Felmingham: Growing high potential leaders is an approach that I was part of and it was a great opportunity to be identified first, as a potential leader who has high capabilities to implement change within the school setting, and also then to be able to have time to sit down with my principal and reflect upon my leadership capabilities that I currently have, and the opportunities for where I can develop.

Pitsa Binnon: So I was one of the ones that tested the materials to see whether they were relevant, whether they actually directed you a particular way, where they helped you identify potential high potential people, you know, so it actually helped me see whether it worked and it was a really fabulous process to follow.

Kellie: So I went through all 3 phases, so the first phase was I was identified by my principal. She called me in and sat me down and that initial discussion gave me a lot of confidence that, of a lot of people who I highly respect within the school community, that I was selected as a high-performing leader.

I was then involved in the next phase which was the development, where we looked at my current skill set that I had my areas to improve, but we also looked at what motivated me as a leader as well and so through this process we were able to develop an initiative that I would be able to implement this year and go through the support that I would need not just from her but other leaders within the school. Networking outside of the school and what resources that I would need.

Pitsa: So I liked the process because it made me think of people who were showing leadership capabilities but people that I didn't even initially identify.

Kellie: And for the individual chosen to go through the initiative, to be able to sit there and reflect on their leadership and have that opportunity to implement change within a school, is pretty powerful moving forward to develop one's leadership.

Pitsa: Well I think it is a framework that is very streamlined, very effective and really a very positive way of identifying, developing and supporting the leaders that we are desperately in need of.