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Transcript - System leadership - supporting Communities of Practice

Professor David Hopkins: When I was responsible for the school system in England, I developed the concept of system leadership because we were trying really hard in the early to mid-2000's in the UK to shift our system from one that was called informed prescription, which is really a system that actually knows what to do but that does it in a top-down way, to one which is based upon informed professionalism where the system far from being top-down is much more lateral and horizontal in its ways of working and schools engage with each other not through sort of policy edicts but through an approach to networking and collaboration.

For networking and collaboration to succeed and to be effective requires again this notion of system leadership of principals and deputy principals and leaders of all types actually to actually take increasing responsibility for schools other than themselves.

In research that we did in England after these policy initiatives we introduced suggested that system leaders took on roles like supporting other schools, like managing networks, like being innovators and sharing curricular and pedagogic practices with other schools and taking a role in developing their community.