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Transcript - Leading Literacy - Woori Yallock Primary School

Prior to being a coach, so 2008, I probably wasn't the sort of person who got excited about professional learning, and I was probably regarded as a fairly solid teacher.

Becoming a coach in 2009 was a huge moment for me in terms of my learning and in terms of my outlook on education.

I had the opportunity to enrol in the Establishing Literacy Coaching in Your School course at Bastow.

It was 16 days, so it was a little bit of a hard sell at first. It was like, 'wow, that's a lot'.

But after my first day, I was like, 'wow, that's amazing', and I really looked forward to every single day when it was coming up.

And in my case, I feel, yeah, I haven't looked back, and I love all of that learning.

Establishing Literacy Coaching in Your School gave me the confidence to apply for the principal job here at Woori Yallock Primary School.

Then, once I was successful, I was keen to continue the learning that I'd received through Bastow doing Leading Instructional Practice, which has then led to me getting a scholarship for the University of Melbourne to do my masters.

So I guess I've really changed in terms of my outlook over the last 4 or 5 years. And it's hard to think what it was like before that.

Being a new, young principal, it wasn't going to have everyone jump on board with me coming in and saying that these are some things that we need to try and implement.

So sending a couple of staff to the same course gave real impetus to the changes here.

Those 2 staff really drove a lot of our school improvement from being at the course that year and obviously, because I'd already had the learning, I could work with staff around that, as well.

The learning that we had in regards to literacy has been really powerful.

But it's also transferable to all other areas of the curriculum, and the staff benefit from that.

But ultimately, the students do through common language and common approach.

As a school here, we're doing really well.

I've really turned things around in terms of student outcomes, but also in terms of behaviour, orderly environment.

The actual growth that we saw for our kids was really, really quick. The turnaround was significant in a short period of time.

And it was really around kids engaged with at the level that they were at and reading books that interested them.

And they had choice.

And they just really thrived from that.​