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Transcript - Inspire: Local Leaders Facilitator Training Program

Sheryl Hall: So I always keep saying when people ask me it should be called Inspire for the facilitators because it's so wonderful to hear back and to work with so many different people throughout the programs.

Also, think it's really important because often young people or people who are only newly out are put into leadership positions and then they have to develop their leadership skills. So this comes before that, which is fantastic.

Barb Adam: I think one of the highlights has been working with up and coming new leaders. If they're the calibre of what is out there in schools then I think the system's in really good hands.

Anyone that's a leader should be continuing with their own learning and I've learnt so much through being a facilitator, not only through the modules and the research but also working with my co-facilitator and with the fine young people that sit before us in every module. So it's a great learning opportunity.