Horizon: Maths Matters - Advancing Maths Education for the Future <div class="ExternalClassE2BD30A5CA2E434CACB1F7D7E60373C2"><p> <em>What skills do young people need in the era of computers and automation? </em></p><h2>About the seminar</h2><p> Quantitative understanding is becoming increasingly important both in the workplace and in society. But the preparation for this computational thinking - mathematics education - is not keeping up. <br> <br>Join us for a panel discussion on how we can ensure mathematics education is relevant and meaningful. The panel will explore:<br></p><ul><li>the skills young people need to make a valuable contribution in the era of computers and automation</li><li>the role of people in a workplace with increasing artificial intelligence</li><li>how to empower more students to engage in maths.</li></ul><p>The panel discussion will be facilitated by Sonia Sharp, Nous Group. <br></p><h2>About the keynote speakers</h2><p> <strong><img src="/Assets/Speakers/ConradWolfram-profile.jpg" alt="Conrad Wolfram" align="right" style="margin:5px;width:150px;height:222px;" />Conrad Wolfram</strong><span style="font-size:11pt;"> physicist, mathematician and technologist, is Strategic Director and European Co-Founder/CEO of the Wolfram Group of companies. The Wolfram Group is driving innovation across data science, modelling and maths through technology and solutions. </span></p><p class="MsoNormal"> <span style="font-size:11pt;">Conrad is also widely known for his thought leadership in reforming education using modern technology. He founded <a href="http://computerbasedmath.org/" target="_blank">computerbasedmath.org​</a> to fundamentally rethink and rebuild the mainstream maths education curriculum, introduce computational thinking and combine with coding how computers can be assumed. The resulting major change is now a worldwide force in re-engineering STEM.<br><br>Joining Conrad on the panel will be: <br><br><strong>Jodie Parsons</strong><br>Educational Leader: Curriculum Design and Delivery, Sunshine College <br></span></p><p><strong>Yvonne Reilly</strong><br>Educational Leader: Maths and Numeracy, Sunshine College</p><p><strong>Sonia Sharp</strong><br>Principal, Nous Group<br> ​</p>​</div>Horizon: Maths Matters - Advancing Maths Education for the Future