Disrupting Maths in our Schools<div class="ExternalClass4E27EAC8354A416DB6C65984BAAED81D"><p> <strong style="font-size:15px;">This workshop is now full. You may also be interested in the <a href="/professional-practice-and-events/display-event?eventID=610">Horizon forum: Maths Matters - Advancing Maths Education for the Future</a> with Conrad Wolfram. </strong>​</p><p> <em>Start teaching computer-based maths</em></p><h2>About the workshop</h2><p> Conrad Wolfram will challenge thinking about how we deliver mathematics in Victoria's primary schools with the aim of disrupting preconceived notions of maths content and delivery. </p><p>Conrad will explore what a future curriculum may look like in the context of the Victorian education system and how this can meet the expectations of the future job market. He will show how you can use technology as an aid to computational thinking and the problem solving cycle in the classroom.</p><p>The workshop will explore:</p><ul><li>Wolfram's computer based maths and scope</li><li>how you can introduce computer based maths or curriculum change in your school </li><li>how to support teachers and engage stakeholders in teaching less calculation and teaching more maths.   </li></ul><p>Due to unforeseen circumstances the workshop on <strong>Thursday 20 July will now be for both primary and secondary</strong> mathematics leaders and learning specialists. </p><p> <strong>Please note:</strong> the workshops will be held at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. This venue is accessible by public transport (Southern Cross Stations and Flinders Street Station and trams 96, 109 or 12). <br></p><h2>About the facilitator</h2><p> <strong> <img src="/Assets/Speakers/ConradWolfram-profile.jpg" alt="Conrad Wolfram" align="right" style="margin:5px;width:150px;height:222px;" />Conrad Wolfram</strong><span>, physicist, mathematician and technologist, is Strategic Director and European Co-Founder/CEO of the Wolfram group of companies. Described as the “Computation Company” and uniquely operating at the intersection of computation, data and knowledge, the Wolfram Group is driving innovation across data science, modelling and maths through technology and solutions. </span></p><p>Conrad is also widely known for his thought leadership in reforming education using modern technology. He founded <a href="http://computerbasedmath.org/" target="_blank">computerbasedmath.org​</a> to fundamentally rethink and rebuild the mainstream maths education curriculum, introduce computational thinking and combine with coding now computers can be assumed. The resulting major change is now a worldwide force in re-engineering STEM with early projects in Estonia, Sweden and Africa.​</p> ​</div>Disrupting Maths in our Schools