Have Challenging Conversations<div class="ExternalClassE59C2F2692464D13AFC788585E9B9ED4"><p>​Develop effective communication across your school community.</p><h2>About the workshop</h2><p>As a school leader you build relationships through conversations with colleagues and members of your wider school community. More complex conversations require advanced communication skills and an effective process.</p><p>In this one-day workshop you will learn how to develop a consistent approach that both challenges and supports individuals. You will also develop techniques that will contribute to effective communication across the whole school.</p><p>The workshop will enable you to conduct complex conversations and apply a practical process to:</p><ul><li>identify and overcome fears associated with difficult conversations</li><li>understand and manage the emotiona l systems that drive our “threat” and “reward” responses </li><li>address underlying causes and deal with repeat patterns of behaviour</li><li>identify and change inner conversations that undermine your effectiveness</li><li>better manage your own and others’defensiveness.</li></ul><h2>About the facilitator​</h2><p><img src="/Assets/Speakers/Mark%20Priede.jpg" align="right" alt="Mark Priede" style="margin:5px;width:150px;height:131px;" />Mark Priede is a principal consultant for Bendelta. Mark has managed and led executive leadership programs and organisation-wide cultural transformation initiatives. He has established an internal coaching practice and implemented leadership curriculums in the private and not-for-profit sectors. Mark has facilitated programs designed to improve the capability of leaders to have challenging conversations and provide effective feedback, with frontline team leaders and senior executives, across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.</p><p>Mark has a strong interest in, and is a practice leader in neuroleadership and positive psychology, which are integral to his program design, facilitation and coaching approach.​</p> ​</div>Have Challenging Conversations