Effectively Manage Resistance to Change<div class="ExternalClass473390B5E4FA4F24AEA1B8C2D83F9BC9"><h2>Professional Practice Series</h2><p>​Understand the reasons for resistance and develop strategies to address them.​</p><h2>​<span id="ms-rterangepaste-end">​</span>About the Workshop</h2><p></p><p>This one day workshop will enable you to anticipate and manage resistance to change in <span style="line-height:1.3;">order to achieve intended outcomes with minimal stress and disruption.</span></p><p>The workshop will provide you with a conceptual framework for understanding reactions <span style="line-height:1.3;">to change, as well as practical tools and techniques, such as:</span></p><ul><li> <span style="line-height:1.3;">distinguishing self from role – learning how to not take things personally</span><br></li><li> <span style="line-height:1.3;">resistance to change - reasons and strategies</span><br></li><li> <span style="line-height:1.3;">active and passive resistance – how to respond to different forms of resistance</span><br></li><li> <span style="line-height:1.3;">thinking and acting politically – understand what is at stake, loyalties and alliances.</span><br></li></ul><p>On completion of this workshop you will be able to:</p><ul><li> <span style="line-height:1.3;">anticipate and manage com</span><span style="line-height:1.3;">mon emotional reactions to change</span><br></li><li> <span style="line-height:1.3;">practise diagnosing reasons for resistance for a specific change, then plan actions to ​address them</span></li><li> <span style="line-height:1.3;">plan to prevent resistance to a likely or upcoming change in your workplace.​</span><br></li></ul><h2>About the Facilitator</h2><p> <img src="/Assets/Speakers/Christine-Wilson.jpg" align="right" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:150px;height:218px;vertical-align:baseline;" />Christine Wilson has worked in the area of adult earning, development and improved performance for over 17 years. She has expertise in the areas of small group consultation, coaching and facilitation across a range of areas including: leading change, management and leadership, performance coaching and feedback, workplace engagement, climate and culture and emotional intelligence.</p><p>In her 15 years with Nous, Chris has specialised in working with middle managers and senior leaders from across the public and private sectors. She has facilitated programs in partnership with Bastow and recently delivered a change program for the Department of Human Services.​</p></div>Effectively Manage Resistance to Change