Give and Receive Constructive Feedback<div class="ExternalClass24CC8404B9104D9BAF4D3353EB87F4E5"><h2>Professional Practice Series</h2><p>Feedback that motivates and supports</p><h2>About the Workshop</h2><p>This one-day workshop highlights the importance of building a culture where teachers are comfortable in giving and receiving feedback within a climate of mutual respect and trust.</p><p> The learning will focus on the importance of reflection, goal setting and the use of multiple sources of evidence in coming to reliable and valid judgements about the quality of student learning.</p><p> Referencing the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, the workshop will engage you in building a common discourse for describing quality teaching, regardless of the context.</p><p> Throughout the workshop you will practise and rehearse giving feedback in a manner that is explicit, focused and constructive. Conversations will emphasise linking collaborative learning opportunities that motivate the individual and support their ongoing professional learning.</p><p> Whilst the focus of the workshop is on quality teaching, the course content is directly applicable to supporting staff members in non-teaching roles.</p><p> By participating in the workshop you will:</p><ul><li>engage with research about the power of effective feedback</li><li>develop your skills in making robust and reliable judgements</li><li>develop your skills in receiving and giving feedback that motivates and stretches teachers</li><li>​​​plan for a school-wide approach to embedding effective feedback.</li></ul><h2>About the Facilitator</h2><p> <img align="right" src="/Assets/Speakers/Charlotte%20Rendle-Short_Photo.docx.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:150px;height:225px;vertical-align:baseline;" />Charlotte Rendle-Short was a senior executive with United Learning, one of the UK's largest not-for-profit educational organisations, for 15 years. In this role she provided support and guidance to principals and school leaders from a wide range of contexts across the private and government sectors.</p><p> The key focus of her work was to enable schools to grow and flourish in response to the challenges of continuous improvement. Prior to her time in this role she spent 15 years as a teacher, senior leader and principal in both Victoria and the UK.</p><p> Charlotte brings to her work an ability to think clearly and to coach leadership teams as they take ideas, analyse and shape them into an effective strategy.</p></div>Give and Receive Constructive Feedback