Effective Family School Partnerships: Making a difference<div class="ExternalClass06FC1B5DCFFC4863BEB6D0C6A0E5A294"><h2>Professional Practice Series</h2><p>The evidence is clear – when families and schools work effectively together, children and young people's outcomes improve.</p><h2>About the workshop</h2><p> <strong>Dates:</strong></p><p>Day 1: Thursday 3 September 2015<br>Day 2: Friday 4 September 2015​ </p><p> <strong>Time:​</strong><br> 9.00am - 5.00pm​</p><p>This two-day workshop aims to provide school leaders and teachers with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to work effectively with families.</p><p>In particular, the workshop will focus on:</p><ul><li>the difference between involvement in school and engagement in learning and the impact each of these has on student outcomes</li><li>strategies for communicating effectively between school and home, and home and school</li><li>strategies for respectful, challenging conversations</li><li>envisioning a different type of school-family reporting process.</li></ul><p>The workshop is designed to be interactive, practical and to build on existing knowledge and skills. You will be encouraged to share your experience and learning and to actively seek opportunities to build your new knowledge and skills into your daily work.</p><h2>About the Facilitator</h2><p> <img align="right" alt="Sharon Butler" src="/Assets/Speakers/SharonButler.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:150px;height:228px;vertical-align:baseline;" />Sharon Butler has been a consultant in leadership development and organisational improvement for 25 years. She has worked in the education system at a school, region and state-wide level in both the Government and Catholic sector for 17 years.</p><p>Sharon started working in the area of Family School Partnerships nine years ago and in 2007 was awarded a Churchill Trust Travelling Fellowship to explore how schools can more effectively engage families in their children's learning. This took Sharon and her family to Canada and the USA where she met passionate, generous researchers and practitioners like Joyce Epstein and Anne Henderson. She has been able to bring many of her learnings, albeit in an Australianised form, into the work she does with educators (families and teachers) in Victoria.</p><p>She also presented at the 16th international roundtable on Family School Partnerships in Vancouver in 2012 and was a member of the Commonwealth Family School Community Partnerships Bureau Research Advisory Group for the last three years. In this role she assisted in the design and delivery of one international symposium and two national round tables on Family School Partnerships.</p><p>​In addition, Sharon is the chair of the 100 Story Building, a social enterprise located in Melbourne's west. Its mission is to provide opportunities for the most marginalised children and young people in its community to build the literacy skills, confidence and sense of belonging that are fundamental to future success. </p> ​</div>Effective Family School Partnerships: Making a difference