Using Data Wisely

  • Audience
    Principal class
    System leader
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  • Location
  • Duration
    2 days
  • Mode
    Face to face
  • Fees
    DET Fully Subsidised


The Harvard Data Wise Improvement Process is an 8-step model that guides teams of educators to work collaboratively to improve teaching and learning through evidence-based analysis. These steps occur in 3 phases: Prepare, Inquire and Act.

Using Data Wisely explores the Prepare phase.

Harvard Data Wise aims to strengthen understanding of school data that provides insight into current and future student performance trends, which helps to focus school improvement efforts.


Designed for principal class members.

We recommend that both the principal and assistant principal attend. 

This course runs for 2 full days over a school term.

Participants explore the first 2 steps of the Harvard Data Wise Process within the Prepare phase, including Organising for Collaborative Work and Building Assessment.

Learning includes both face-to-face and online components.

By participating in this course, you will develop an understanding of:

  • how to use protocols, norms and effective meeting structures to build genuine collaboration toward school improvement efforts
  • how to employ the principles of responsible data use, data protocols and the ‘ladder of inference’ as the basis for evidence-informed decision making
  • the ACE Habits of Mind as the basis for reiterative inquiry cycles aimed at systematic improvement.

Penny Jayne
Data Learning Leader and Co-Chair
03 8199 2963

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