School Governance

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    Principal class
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    Half-day workshop
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This module supports you to develop your understanding and skills as an executive officer of school council.

You will learn to respond strategically to changing demands and challenges, and gain skills in handling both the technical and relationship management aspects of the role.

Note: The focus of this module differs from the Improving School Governance program currently available to school councils.

Module 10 in the Strategic Management for School Leaders suite, which supports the Department of Education and Training's commitment to the public sector values of integrity, accountability, respect, leadership, impartiality and responsiveness across the organisation.

Delivered in 2 parts: pre-workshop tasks and a half-day workshop.

Pre-workshop tasks

Watch 5 vodcasts on Bastow307 focusing on:

  • governance
  • finance and public administration
  • strategic planning
  • the school council president
  • school council elections.

​Then complete a brief multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of the key content. Must be completed before the workshop starts.

Scenario-based workshop

Attend a half-day workshop aimed at putting learning into practice using different scenarios. You will share ideas, strategies and tools for enhancing your role as executive officer of school council.

​By participating in this module, you will develop an understanding of:

  • why governance is important
  • the role of the principal as executive officer of school council as distinct from those of school council presidents and members
  • the technical knowledge required of principals in relation to this role (for example, conducting school council elections, effective meeting procedures)
  • the role of the principal in enabling school council to effectively fulfil their roles (for example, in strategic planning, understanding school finances)
  • the relationship management skills required by principals in relation to school council (for example, effective communication skills and processes, managing conflict, and working effectively with the school council president).

Anna Rentschler
Course Coordinator
03 8199 2955

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