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Planning Literacy Professional Learning

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    Teacher leader
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    1 Day Workshop
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    DET Fully Subsidised

Play a part in developing literacy professional learning for 2022

Professional learning is a key driver for continuous school improvement.

This 1-day workshop is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and skills to strengthen the link between professional learning, teacher practice and improved student outcomes.

With one of your school’s literacy focuses for 2022 in mind, you will design the professional learning and explore the process for monitoring and evaluating the impact on students and teachers.

You will extend your knowledge of current Department resources and other related materials that can be used when planning your professional learning.

Working in small groups with a Literacy Master Trainer, you will extend your professional network as you develop your professional learning for 2022.


Designed for primary and secondary literacy leaders and teachers with responsibility for planning literacy professional learning. 


This workshop is delivered by Bastow Literacy Master Trainers in partnership with Wilcob Education. 

You will participate in and contribute to:

  • pre-workshop activities (65 minutes)
  • a full-day workshop (three 90 minute sessions)
  • a guided breakout room session within the workshop led by a Literacy Master Trainer or Wilcob Education facilitator
  • sharing your experiences with colleagues


Session 1

As a lead-in to designing professional learning, you will explore exemplary professional learning and development designs.  

Session 2

You will use the Professional Learning and Development Design template to plan the professional learning for your school’s literacy priority area.

Session 3

You will focus on the immediate and continuous evaluation of professional learning and development using Thomas Guskey’s model for evaluating professional learning.

Pre-workshop activities

Prior to the workshop you will:

  • undertake professional reading about high-quality professional learning
  • identify the strengths of current professional learning efforts in your school
  • identify the literacy focus of your school’s 2022 Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) that will be the focus your work at the workshop.

You’ll gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • current research about the nature of high-quality professional learning
  • DET and other relevant resources that support planning
  • professional learning and development design
  • Thomas Guskey’s five levels for evaluation.

You’ll develop the skills to:

  • develop a design for professional learning and development in your school
  • evaluate your design against a set of descriptors of high-quality professional learning.
  • Identify data you will gather as part of the continuous monitoring and evaluation of your professional learning and development.

Ngaire Leighton
Senior Provision Advisor
03 7022 2410

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