Numeracy Webinar Series

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    System leader
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    Leading teacher
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    13 June
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    1.5 hours
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    DET Fully Subsidised


The 90-minute webinars, hosted by Narissa Leung, focus on the knowledge and skills needed to better understand and teach the numeracy curriculum. The webinars are scheduled throughout the year and use current resources and strategies to support best classroom practice.

Each webinar unpacks specific content areas, proficiencies and high impact teaching strategies to help you develop a stronger sense of how to teach numeracy.

Resource packs and links will be sent to you before each webinar. During the webinars, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, interact and collaborate with your peers. 

Setting Up the Conditions for Effective Teaching and Learning in Numeracy

Term 2, 13 June 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

This webinar introduces the Department’s various numeracy resources to help teachers understand their students as mathematicians. Learn how to build a growth mindset for numeracy, and assess student engagement and motivation by evaluating and diagnosing the current situation in your school.

You can view the recording of this webinar in our Learning Resources

The Building Blocks for Effective Mathematics Lessons

Term 3, 28 August 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Throughout this webinar, you will look at the effective use of learning intentions and success criteria to maximise learning. Examine the 4 proficiencies for mathematics learning and the place of vocabulary instruction in your Mathematics classroom. This webinar allows you to make strong connections with the high impact teaching strategies 'Setting goals' and 'Explicit teaching'.

You can view the recording of this webinar in our Learning Resources

Assessment and Feedback in the Numeracy Classroom

Term 4, 20 November 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Explore the assessment tools that you can use to support planning and teaching in Mathematics. Understand the effective use of data and evidence in the teaching and learning cycle and the role of feedback. Through this webinar, you will focus on the high impact teaching strategies 'Differentiated teaching' and 'Feedback'.

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