Needs Analysis Tool

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    Learning specialist
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    1.5 hours
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    DET Fully Subsidised


The Needs Analysis Tool is an online questionnaire to determine your current level of development in 7 capability areas.

You can use this tool as many times as you want over the course of the year - results will be emailed to you. Pre and post-data is gathered during the essential and elective courses to inform your facilitators so they can best meet your learning needs.

The tool will give you an analysis of your strengths and areas for future development across the following capability areas:

  • building excellence in classroom practice
  • teaching practice
  • instructional leadership
  • data literacy
  • self-leadership
  • professional conversations
  • leading professional learning.


Designed for learning specialists. 

You are expected to complete the Needs Analysis Tool prior to registering in any learning specialist electives. The tool will give you an analysis of your strengths and areas for future development across the 7 capability areas. Discuss your results with your principal to determine which elective will best enhance your development.

The Needs Analysis Tool can again be completed at the end of the year and used in your Performance and Development Plan (PDP) as evidence of your growth in the 7 capability areas.

The pre/post analysis may take up to 45 minutes each and must be done in one sitting. Allocate a time with your principal after completing the Needs Analysis Tool to discuss your results and next steps.

Your results can be used in a variety of ways including:

  • providing guidance in the selection of an elective from the learning specialist suite
  • tracking your own development in key areas of educational leadership
  • evidence of your capability development for your PDP
  • helping your facilitators target learning based on your levels of development.

Fully subsidised for appointed learning specialists in Victorian government schools.

Daniel Mazurkiewicz
Course Coordinator
03 8199 2933

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