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Literacy Local Leaders

  • Audience
    Teacher leader
  • Next Intake
    Network based
  • Location
  • Duration
    6 months
  • Mode
    Face to face
  • Fees
    DET Fully Subsidised

Play a part in developing literacy expertise across our system.

Literacy Local Leaders (formerly Leading Literacy for Networks) provides you with pedagogical content knowledge to promote and influence explicit and high-impact literacy teaching in your school.

Literacy Local Leaders is an opportunity for you to deepen your knowledge of literacy practice to influence positive learning outcomes and school improvement.

You will extend your professional connections while developing literacy instruction in your local school network.

This course is delivered in each Network by Bastow literacy master trainers.

Literacy Local Leaders is part of our Literacy Suite, which also includes Leading Literacy; Literacy Master Trainer; and Literacy Data, Assessment and Practice.

The course is a perfect introduction to the Literacy Suite and a springboard to Leading Literacy.


Designed for a Foundation to Year 8 context.

Educators with responsibility for or a desire to expand their knowledge and experience of literacy instruction should attend. This includes:

  • literacy leaders
  • teachers 
  • graduates.

School service support staff and visiting teachers can also apply for Literacy Local Leaders. We suggest applying with colleagues from a school you work with to enhance the impact of the course. 

Over 6 months, you are expected to engage in and contribute to:

  • face-to-face workshop (5 days)
  • self-directed learning (90 minutes per week)
  • leading the application of knowledge and skills in your school and sharing your experiences with colleagues.


The face-to-face workshops are delivered over 5 days. 

Workshop 1: Laying the groundwork

An introduction to the research on quality literacy instruction, focusing on the reading process and reading comprehension strategies.

Workshop 2: Teaching reading

Deepen your understanding of critical practices that support independent reading, and models which support teaching comprehension. 

Workshop 3: Teaching writing

Understand how to create lifelong writers and guide collaborative inquiry to benefit student progress.

Workshop 4: Teaching vocabulary

Explore the latest research on effective vocabulary instruction, the role vocabulary plays in student literacy, and effective change leadership practices.

Workshop 5: Pathways to success

Focus on understanding the strategies for substantive talk, formative assessment and models for planning professional development.Note: Currently workshops 1 – 3 are confirmed and scheduled for each intake of Literacy Local Leaders.
Dates for workshops 4 and 5 will be communicated to you directly once they are finalised later in the year.

Self-directed learning

Self-directed learning activities in your own time (approximately 90 minutes per week) include:

  • pre-workshop reading
  • online contributions to discussion boards
  • online micro-lessons
  • post-workshop follow-up activities back in your school.

You'll gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • current research about the nature of literacy
  • the pedagogical approaches that are most effective in maximising student outcomes
  • effective literacy assessment procedures and models
  • the structures and models that support exemplary literacy teaching
  • the conditions for effective literacy learning
  • how to extend your own leadership and teaching capacity.

You'll develop the skills to:

  • lead the development of a shared understanding of quality literacy instruction
  • facilitate and evaluate professional learning designed to improve teaching and learning
  • influence explicit and high-impact literacy teaching
  • build connections with your network to implement literacy improvement approaches.

Helen Brooker
Senior Course Provision Advisor

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