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Literacy in Foundation to Level 2 Classrooms

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    Teacher leader
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    90 minutes
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    DET Fully Subsidised

Support early years students to reach their literacy potential.

This 6-part series will delve into literacy teaching and learning for Foundation to Level 2 students.

You will deep-dive into Foundation and Level 2 literacy, building your understanding of the strategies you can use to respond to the needs of your students, and focus on the elements of effective teaching across reading, writing, speaking and listening.

You will explore evidence-based best practice and instruction from the Literacy Teaching Toolkit, the Victorian Teaching and Learning Model (including High Impact Teaching Strategies and Framework for Improving Student Outcomes) and the Victorian Curriculum.


Designed for teachers, literacy leaders and teacher teams who are focused on improving literacy teaching and learning.


The series will be delivered by education consultant Narissa Leung in collaboration with the Department of Education and Training’s Literacy Unit.

The series comprises a video and five 90-minute webinars.

While the webinars are interrelated, each is stand-alone. It is recommended that you attend all of them, but you can choose which ones to attend, depending on your specific needs and experiences.

Each webinar will focus on an area of early primary literacy, such as phonological awareness, reading and writing workshops, accountable talk, the English Online Interview, modelling, and connections between reading and writing.

During each webinar you will:

  • explore underlying principles of literacy teaching and learning
  • reflect on your experiences and context
  • contribute to group discussion.

Note: you will be registered for all webinars during the registration process but can self-select which you attend.


To support you to prepare for Term 1, you can access a video providing an overview of:

  • how you can identify where your Foundation students are at the time of transition
  • what the specific learning needs of your students are
  • what strategies you can use to address these needs.

Webinar 1

This webinar is an opportunity to:

  • reflect on the 2020-21 transition
  • discuss the video
  • explore the workshop approach to reading, writing and speaking and listening.

Webinar 2

This webinar will focus on the importance of speaking and listening in Foundation to Level 2 classrooms. You will explore what it means to promote speaking and listening in your classroom. 

Webinar 3 

This webinar will focus on phonological awareness in reading, writing and speaking and listening.

You will explore:

  • the relationships between phonological awareness, phonics, reading and writing
  • how phonics instruction can take place within a meaningful, communicative, rich pedagogy, and within genuine literacy events
  • the resources available to inform the explicit teaching of phonological awareness. 

Webinar 4

This webinar will deep dive into the powerful teaching approach of interactive writing.   

You will explore:

  • how to implement interactive writing in your classroom
  • your role during interactive writing
  • how to link reading, writing and speaking and listening through interactive writing. 

Webinar 5

This webinar will focus on the writing process, from planning to publishing, while exploring student engagement and explicit feedback

You will explore the:

  • writing process in Foundation to Level 2 classrooms
  • interrelation between reading, writing and speaking and listening. 

You’ll gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • the importance of effective instruction, differentiation and assessment techniques, including the English Online Interview and Diagnostic Assessment Tools in English
  • the Literacy Teaching Toolkit as a resource
  • how to improve the literacy outcomes of students from Foundation to Level 2
  • the interrelation between reading, writing and speaking and listening.

You’ll develop the skills to:

  • identify and plan using the Literacy Teaching Toolkit
  • implement strategies from the Literacy Teaching Toolkit in your classroom to improve literacy outcomes.

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