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Leading through Conflict

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    2 days
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    $550.00 Co-contribution

This course is designed for principals who are looking to extend their ability to manage complex conflicts effectively, and safely deal with a range of challenging behaviours that present in the school environment.

You will have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of conflict management theory and practice, develop your negotiation skills and explore decision-making paradigms in conflict.

The explicit reflective elements of these 2 full-day workshops will support you to strengthen your social and cultural competence in a conflict management context.


Designed for principals.


Developed and facilitated by Bonnie Miller from Dispute Settlement Centre Victoria.

This course comprises 2 full-day workshops and approximately 2 hours of pre-workshop activities (1 hour per workshop). Post workshop support and resources will also be provided.


On Day 1 you will:

  • examine the underlying causes of conflict and the escalation process
  • explore conflict management style using the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Management Tool
  • learn how to mitigate conflict in conversations
  • examine challenging behaviour, including behaviour involving unreasonable complainants and personality disorders.

On Day 2 you will:

  • examine the DiSC personal assessment tool and reflect on your own profile results
  • learn how to apply DiSC knowledge in conflict scenarios
  • examine high conflict (HC) behaviour, including the neuroscience driving HC behaviour and effective tools to manage this behaviour
  • explore power and influence in a conflict context
  • learn the fundamental needs at play in conflict and how to meet them
  • examine the process of planning communication
  • explore the relationship between conflict, stress, and self-care.

Pre-workshop activities

Prior to Day 1, you will need to complete:

  • pre-reading
  • a Personal Conflict Style Questionnaire
  • a reflection exercise related to a current conflict scenario.

Prior to Day 2, you will need to complete:

  • pre-reading
  • a DiSC personal assessment tool questionnaire
  • a personal reflection exercise related to the implementation of Day 1 leanings to a current conflict scenario.

Post-workshop activities and support

You will have the opportunity to stay online for 30 minute post training sessions to discuss any personal conflict scenarios with the trainer.

The Learner Guide will support your ongoing learning and can be used for future reference.

You will gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Management Styles
  • DiSC personal assessment tool
  • underlying causes of challenging behaviour
  • power and influence in conflict
  • interest based negotiation.

You will develop the skills to:

  • effectively and confidently manage complex conflicts
  • identify and manage challenging and high conflict behaviour.

Geoffrey Rose
Project Officer
03 7022 2495

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