Leading Mathematics

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    Leading teacher
    Principal class
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  • Location
  • Duration
    6 - 9 months
  • Mode
    Face to face
  • Fees
    $847.00 Co-contribution


A key Education State target is to lift achievement in mathematics by 25 per cent over the next 5 to 10 years. ​​Leading Mathematics is designed to build the leadership capacity of your team to improve mathematics learning and standards of achievement for all students at your school.

The course is designed for both primary and secondary school teams, with a focus on developing the knowledge, capabilities and dispositions to lead and support collegial learning and change.

Teams collect and analyse a range of different evidence types, experiment with their practices and meet regularly at school to discuss insights and team learning. This informs the development of a school-wide mathematics improvement strategy.

The course aims to build the team's capability to lead and support adult learning and whole-school cultural change in mathematics.


Designed for vertical primary or secondary school teams of 3 people, comprising :

  • Principal class member who is committed to supporting and progressing both their own and the team's learning, and to ensuring that an evidence-informed, whole-school approach to change is developed and acted upon.
  • Leading teacher who has responsibilities for mathematics or numeracy learning, or leads a team that designs for mathematics and/or numeracy learning. They are enthusiastic about embracing and bringing about change.
  • Classroom teacher (with leadership responsibilities or potential) who is keen to investigate, learn and develop their mathematics practice and then provide evidence of student learning to inspire their colleagues. They provide leaders with valuable insights into classroom and teacher learning, as well as perspectives on what teachers need from leaders.

This course requires a commitment of 80 hours over 6 months, including:

  • 7 workshop days, including 1 day at a host school
  • in-school investigations involving the capture, collation and analysis of evidence
  • regular team meetings between workshops to analyse evidence, discuss professional readings, engage in dialogue and plan next steps
  • additional context analysis in partnership with another school (optional)
  • an evidence-informed inquiry process to develop a unique, context-specific, needs-based mathematics learning and improvement strategy for your school.

Most of the learning takes place at your school as your team begins to understand the needs of colleagues, students and context more deeply.

Learning continues beyond the course as your team enacts their school-wide mathematics improvement strategy.

The learning in this course is based on mathematics-related research and the key concepts of mathematics, which are underpinned by 4 focus areas:

  1. Understanding self as a learner and learning leader
  2. Investigating and analysing contexts (your school and stakeholders)
  3. Building c​apacity to lead the learning of others
  4. Designing strategically to change and improve*

You will develop an understanding of:

  • key concepts that underpin and are essential to mathematics learning and teaching 
  • the implications of contemporary research into how best to lead improvement in mathematics teaching
  • how to capture and analyse multiple sources of evidence to inform strategic priorities and guide change
  • how to connect identified learning needs of students to school-wide priorities and to the professional learning and capacity building of teachers
  • a wide range of tools and strategies to lead, support and facilitate colleagues' learning
  • how to be effective mathematics learning leaders in improving mathematics learning and teaching in your school
  • co-developing a school-wide mathematics improvement strategy and enacting that strategy.

*This is a culminating focus and is underpinned and informed by evidence and insights from the first three focus areas.

The course fees are significantly subsidised by the Department of Education and Training.

Co-contribution: $770 (excl. GST) for each Victorian government school participant.

See Fees and financial support for more information.

Acceptance into Leading Mathematics is dependent on the outcome of a selection process.

Schools must attend the half-day orientation session which is a pre-requisite but not a guarantee of acceptance into the course and is mandatory for the principal class member and the leading teacher. Attendance at this session will enable schools to decide if:

  • Leading Mathematics a good fit for your school
  • the course content will attend to your school’s needs
  • your connected school team is ready for the kind of learning on offer. 

To apply: 

  1. Click ‘Apply Now’ button then select your preferred intake on the intake and apply page. 
  2. Once you complete the application form, you will be sent a confirmation email that includes a link to Award Force. Award Force is used by Bastow to manage applications. You need to create an Award Force login to continue with your application.
  3. You will need to respond to 4 questions by the closing date to be considered for the course: 
  • Why do you want to apply for this course at this time?
  • Describe your role and how this relates to leading learning in your school.
  • What do you believe an effective learning leader is and isn’t?
  • To what extent can you commit to all workshop days and investigations between workshops?

Once the selection process has been completed you will be notified of the result and asked to accept your offer. An invoice will be sent which needs to be paid within 7 days to secure your spot.

Ingrid Wittman
Course Coordinator
03 8199 2943

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