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Leading Literacy

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    Assistant principal
    Teacher leader
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  • Duration
    12 months
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  • Fees
    $770.00 Co-contribution

Develop a shared vision for your school's literacy approach. 

Leading Literacy will immerse your school team in the latest evidence-based research about literacy teaching and learning.

You'll build your capability to motivate, engage and support your students to become better readers and writers. 

In close collaboration with skilled practitioners and your peers, you'll plan and develop a literacy initiative tailored to your school. 

You'll explore strategies to successfully lead this initiative and embed high-quality literacy practices that significantly improve student achievement. 

Leading Literacy supports the 'Excellence in teaching and learning' priority area of the Victorian Education State Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO)

Leading Literacy is part of our Literacy Suite, which also includes Literacy Local Leaders; Literacy Master Trainer; and Literacy Data, Assessment and Practice. 


Designed for primary and secondary school teams who are looking to develop a whole-school literacy approach or build on an existing one. 

Each team must include a:

  • principal or assistant principal
  • teacher leader
  • classroom teacher.

This team structure supports a whole-school approach to literacy teaching and learning.

To participate in Leading Literacy, all team members must commit to the significant time and effort required.

Small schools can submit individual applications, or partner with another school in their region to apply as a team.


Facilitators for Leading Literacy are highly respected and experienced practitioners with both academic and practical expertise.

Keay Cobbin and Steve Willy from Wilcob Education Consulting have had long careers as teachers and leaders in Victorian schools and are now consultants focusing on literacy and leadership in education. They provide professional learning for teachers, coaches and school leaders to provide high quality professional learning to achieve the best outcomes for all students.

Learn more about why Victorian educators choose Bastow for their leadership professional learning at Why Bastow?

Over a school year, you are expected to engage in and contribute to:

  • virtual workshops (5 days)
  • self-directed learning (up to 5 hours per workshop)
  • online learning activities including electives (up to 10 hours)
  • a School-based Literacy Initiative (up to 20 hours)


The virtual workshops are delivered over 5 days.

During the workshops you will explore relevant leadership theories and general literacy content, as well as literacy content tailored to your context. 

Workshop 1: A model for teacher change

Explore a model of teacher change and understand the sequence of events which create lasting changes in teachers’ attitudes and perceptions. Find out how you can support teachers to explore new pedagogies and to monitor student growth on a day to day basis. 

Workshop 2: A process for improvement

Explore a change model which will support you to understand and respond to resistance, and plan for the implementation of change initiatives. 

Workshop 3: Regular feedback on student progress

Learn about the strategies that support teachers to gather feedback from students, and how to focus on formative assessment practices.

Workshop 4: Internal accountability

Unpack the research and evidence which supports a need for schools to establish their own internal systems and professional culture to improve student outcomes. 

Workshop 5: Bringing it all together

Discuss and delve into how coherence can be created across the system based on the knowledge developed during the course. School teams will also present their School-based Literacy Initiatives. 

Self-directed learning

Self-directed learning activities in your own time (up to 5 hours per workshop) include:

  • pre-workshop readings
  • collaborating with your school team
  • contributing to online discussion boards.

Online learning activities

Working in your school team you will select an elective which supports your school needs based on your School Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Plan.

Your elective topic will also be the focus of your School-based Literacy Initiative.

Electives are differentiated for secondary and primary school teams and comprise micro-lessons, virtual workshops and facilitated online collaboration.

Secondary electives include:

  • reading
  • writing
  • vocabulary
  • re-imagining English

Primary electives include:

  • reading
  • beginning reader
  • writing
  • vocabulary
  • spelling.

It is anticipated you will spend approximately 10 hours completing the online learning activities.

School-based Literacy Initiative

The School-based Literacy Initiative (SLI) is your teams culminating piece of assessment for Leading Literacy.

The SLI leverages the knowledge and understanding gained in Leading Literacy, and aims to:

  • produce significant improvement in student engagement and achievement
  • advance teacher knowledge, understandings and pedagogical practices in an area of literacy.

It is expected that the SLI will take your school team approximately 20 hours to complete.

You'll gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • current research on the nature of literacy and how literacy is acquired 
  • pedagogical approaches that are most effective in maximising student outcomes 
  • the structures, processes and practices that amplify student agency, leadership and voice in literacy learning 
  • how to implement strategies for building a whole-school literacy culture that is focused on successful and sustained literacy improvement for all students 
  • instructional leadership capabilities that positively influence student outcomes. 

Recognition of learning 

If you choose to do your Master of Education and Master of International Education at Charles Sturt University, you can apply for subject credits.

For more information, see Recognition of Bastow professional learning.

The course fees are significantly subsidised by the Department of Education and Training.

Co-contribution: $770 (incl. GST) for each Victorian government school participant. 

See Fees and financial support for more information.

Acceptance into Leading Literacy is dependent on the outcome of a selection process.

  1. Nominate a team leader for your school team. The team leader will be required to complete the initial application on behalf of the team, by clicking ‘View dates and apply’. 
  2. Once the application is submitted, the team leader will receive further instructions to continue the registration process for the remaining team members.   

Ngaire Leighton and Ingrid Wittman
Course Coordinators

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