Introduction to Strategic Management

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This module provides you with an opportunity to reflect on how strategic decisions can help you achieve the school vision encapsulated in your school strategic plan.

This introduction enables you to identify and prioritise your learning needs. If you are an experienced principal, the module is useful for evaluating your current processes, competencies and knowledge against your school strategic plan.

Module 4 in the Strategic Management for School Leaders suite supports the Department of Education and Training's commitment to the public sector values of integrity, accountability, respect, leadership, impartiality and responsiveness across the organisation.

2-hour online, self-paced module.

By participating in this module, you will develop an understanding of:

  • skills and techniques to develop and extend your strategic management capabilities
  • the importance of strategic management
  • a range of strategic management models
  • the multiple entry points to strategic management
  • the importance of effective decision making
  • your own individual management learning needs.

Anna Rentschler
Course Coordinator
03 8199 2955

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