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Innovating for Student Engagement

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    2.5 months
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    DET Fully Subsidised

Lift student engagement and drive improvement at your secondary school. 

This course supports you to build on students' capabilities and interests, actively working with – rather than against – the physical, social and emotional needs of adolescents.  

By creating the conditions for teachers to develop meaningful collective improvements in practice, you will better understand the needs of learners and more accurately lead whole-school improvement. You will be supported to use data and apply innovative strategies to implement your school’s improvement agenda.   

This unique, immersive experience begins by challenging and supporting your thinking through workshops that explore contemporary approaches and research-informed innovation that drive secondary school learning reform.  

You will participate in a professional inquiry bus tour, where you will observe examples of innovative strategies in action. You will have the opportunity to engage in purposeful conversations with school leadership teams at the schools you visit.  

Professional coaches will support you to implement your learning improvement plan.  

You will have access to ongoing implementation and monitoring support through participation in a network improvement community and a remote masterclass series. 


Designed for secondary school principals, who have the option to invite a second participant: 

  • a principal class officer such as an assistant principal or  
  • a Senior Education Improvement Leader (SEIL).  

Registrations are open to P-12, P-8 or P-9 schools.


Developed and delivered by Andrew Jones (Huddle Learning Systems). Learning will be supported by challenge partners and professional coaches.  

Innovating for Student Engagement is delivered onsite and face to face.  

Over 2.5 months you are expected to engage in and contribute to: 

  • self-paced learning (1–2 hours) 
  • 2 face-to-face 7-hour workshops (14 hours) 
  • field-based inquiry (8 hours) 
  • online coaching (4 hours) 
  • optional thought leadership webinars. 

You will gain knowledge and understanding of:  

  • Principal Learning Leadership Capability, including the development of a language, conventions and strategies for leading learning  
  • experiences of adolescent students within a school setting 
  • student experience design within your school, and how it is informed by adolescent learning principles and research  
  • educator team-based practice reform within your school context  
  • attitudes and beliefs of highly effective teacher and teaching teams working with adolescent learners.    

You will develop the skills to: 

  • measure and promote teacher team-based leadership capability in your school  
  • promote awareness and acceptance of self and others, to enhance psychological safety and relational trust within the school context  
  • create an environment conducive to shared learning experiences and open mindedness  
  • develop coherent professional mindsets and processes to explain educational models and disciplines of practice.  

Fully subsidised by the Department of Education and Training for Victorian government school principals   

Adriana Capponi
Course Coordinator
03 9059 5327

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