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Creating Positive Cultures

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Lead, engage and collaborate to meaningfully resolve conflict. 

Creating Positive Cultures is an opportunity to develop your self-awareness and your ability to rapidly shift mindset in crucial moments. You will be introduced to skills and tools that support deeper collaboration, stronger interpersonal accountability, and an improved ability to influence others to engage in meaningful and sustainable behaviour change.  

This online course is designed to help you work through uncomfortable leadership moments, including competing interests, tensions and trade-offs. The way you approach these challenges impacts not only the outcomes, but the relationships with the people involved.  

You will explore gaps that hold your team back from working at their full potential, and discover ways to of working together to create a culture of collaboration and accountability. 


Designed for principals. 


Designed and facilitated by Mark Johnson and Brad Rilatt of Crackerjack Australia Pty Ltd.   

You will participate in and contribute to 2 interactive half-day workshops that include a variety of learning materials, videos, polls and socially engaging activities. 

On day 1 you will: 

  • explore how to lead and engage others in change 
  • examine how to resolve conflicts 
  • discover how to collaborate with others to deliver learning and wellbeing outcomes 
  • learn how to develop productive relationships and restore damaged ones 
  • examine the organisational and social patterns of human behaviour.  

On day 2 you will:  

  • explore how to shift from an unproductive to a productive state of being to support problem solving and decision making 
  • examine the impact we have on other people 
  • explore the anatomy of relationships and the steps to facilitating healthy and effective ones 
  • learn the foundation of how to engage with other people in authentic dialogue. 

You will develop: 

  • skills to enhance your effectiveness as a principal and community leader  
  • the knowledge and motivation to confidently step into uncomfortable, high-stakes conversations in crucial moments  
  • improved skills to handle challenging relationships and conversations, enabling better problem solving and decision making  
  • a detailed action plan to apply your learning. 

Fully subsidised by the Department of Education and Training for Victorian government schools. 

Adriana Capponi
Course Coordinator
03 9059 5327

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