Continuity of Early Learning

  • Audience
    Educational support staff
    Early childhood professional
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  • Location
  • Duration
    3 months
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  • Fees
    DET Fully Subsidised


Strengthen the partnerships between early childhood services, primary school and parents to help children successfully transition to school.

Some children and families experience hardship and require additional support, especially as they transition to school. It is at this time that relationships within your community really count. Early childhood development is at the heart of the Victorian Government’s vision for the Education State.

This course focuses on strengthening the partnerships that matter most for children to successfully transition to school – partnerships between early childhood, primary school and parents.

With an emphasis on supporting children and families experiencing vulnerability and/or disadvantage, this course explores the evidence-based practices that work, how your team can implement these practices, and how individuals in your team can maximise their work together to achieve the very best possible outcomes for these children and families.


Designed for teams of staff in schools, outside school hours care, early childhood services and support services, particularly those supporting transitions across settings.

Preference is given to applications from teams with both school and early childhood professionals, however, individuals may still apply.

Over 3 months and you are expected to engage in and contribute to:

  • 3 full-day sessions of facilitated professional learning
  • online learning activities
  • teleconferencing to support learning between workshops
  • an action research project to apply learning to your workplace
  • a site visit to a school setting with innovative approaches to supporting families and their children who have experienced or are at risk of vulnerability or disadvantage.

By participating in this course, you will develop an understanding of:

  • evidence-based best practice and how to apply it to your specific context
  • how to use data and evidence to lead continuity of learning and development, particularly for children experiencing vulnerability or disadvantage
  • how to effectively engage in, establish and lead multidisciplinary teams to ensure continuity of learning and development for children experiencing vulnerability or disadvantage
  • how to build effective, collaborative partnerships with families and carers to support positive outcomes for children and families experiencing vulnerability or disadvantage
  • how to further develop the capabilities to build capacity of your staff or colleagues to better support transitions for vulnerable or disadvantaged children and families.

Fully subsidised by the Department of Education and Training. 

Victorian government early childhood, care service and school participants are eligible to claim CRT and accommodation subsidies. 

See Fees and financial support for more information.

Participants from non-government services and schools are encouraged to register for the course; however, they will not be eligible to claim CRT or accommodation subsidies. 

Acceptance into Continuity of Early Learning is dependent on a selection process.

Paige Gibson
Course Coordinator
03 8199 2989

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