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Strategic Management for School Leaders

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Strategic management is a critical factor in lifting organisational performance. It governs the way we lead, operate and make decisions.

By effectively managing risk, using data and making well-informed and intentional resourcing decisions, you can enhance the delivery and impact of your school's strategic plan.

The Strategic Management for School Leaders suite supports the Department of Education and Training's (the Department) commitment to the public sector values of integrity, accountability, respect, leadership, impartiality and responsiveness across the organisation.


This suite comprises 12 discrete modules that are delivered in conjunction with external providers and various divisions across the Department.

Modules are delivered centrally and in regional locations. They are non-consecutive and can be selected and completed according to your learning needs.

For further information on each module, including registration details, click on the respective link. 

Module 1 – Introduction to Strategic Management

Module 2 – Risk Management

Module 3 – Law and Order

Module 4 – Bricks and Mortar Asset Management

Module 5 – Finance Matters

Module 6 – Data Literacy for School Leaders

Module 7 – People Power

Module 8 – Safety Management

Module 9 – Workforce Planning

Module 10 – School Governance

Module 11 – School Procurement

Module 12 – Implementing Talent Management