Principal For A Day

The Principal For A Day® (PFAD) program, now in its 18th year, operates in government primary, secondary, P-12 and special schools across Victoria.  PFAD is funded by the Department of Education and Training, through the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership and coordinated by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).

​​The program brings business and community leaders together with school leaders with the aims of:

  • increasing understanding and awareness between schools, business and the wider community
  • promoting the great work that schools do
  • providing an opportunity for mutual learning and professional development
  • enabling participants to develop ongoing relationships, partnerships and programs.

The program has two components:

  • The Principal For A Day® event - The 'principal for a day' shadows a principal and participates in normal day-to-day activities in a school. Other activities usually include a tour of the school buildings and discussions with students and teachers.
  • The forum - Following the event, 'principals for a day' and their host principals are invited to a forum to network and share their leadership experiences and observations.

​School principals benefit from sharing insights on leadership with successful leaders in other sectors; showcasing their school to business and community leaders; and developing ongoing and mutually beneficial relationships for their school and students.

Business and community leaders benefit from sharing skills, ideas and perspectives on organisational leadership; gaining a unique insight into the issues facing schools and the work they do; and the chance to make a contribution to the community.

Principal For A Day® can be an opportunity to explore the potential for an ongoing partnership; a one-off, one-day event; or a way to consolidate an existing relationship.