Hear first-hand from our participants about their transformative learning experiences at Bastow.

Feature Video
Leading Numeracy Orientation (for Principals)
This webinar explored the range of resources and professional learning opportunities available for numeracy and mathematics leaders ('numeracy leaders').
System leadership - characteristics of high performing school systems
Professor David Hopkins discusses how system leadership supports high performing school systems.
System leadership - a shared responsibility
Professor David Hopkins discusses why system leadership needs to be a shared responsibility.
Communities of Practice and the Education State
Understand the role of the Communities of Practice approach in delivering FISO initiatives as part of the Education State.
What is System Leadership?
Interviews with Maggie Farrar, Judy Halbert, Jill Farquharson and John Cleary.
Using a Communities of Practice approach
Learn what a Communities of Practice approach can look like at your school and in your network.
Talent Management Framework at McKinnon
An inside look at how McKinnon Secondary College implemented the Talent Management Framework in their school.
Talent Management Framework seminar
An overview of the conceptual framework of the Talent Management Framework and how to implement it in your school.
Inspire: Local Leaders Facilitator Training
Hume/Moreland network facilitators talk about the highlights of being part of this exciting program designed to prepare high potential leaders for school leadership.
Evolve: New Principals - Video - Abbotsford PS
With valuable support from an experienced coach, this program was the perfect way for Latham Burns, Principal at Abbotsford Primary School, to gain the leadership skills he needed and to come a long way in a short time.
Impact: Emerging Leaders - Video - Sandringham College
Participating in the program made it possible for Benjamin Pisani - a dedicated teacher with a passion for music - to realise his vision for a unified music department that delivers the very best learning outcomes for his students.