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Hear first-hand from our participants about their transformative learning experiences at Bastow.

Feature Video
Steve Munby on Imperfect Leadership
In this webinar, education thought leader Steve Munby explores why the more we seek to become the perfect leader, the more likely we are to disempower those around us. 
Leading Learning and Re-establishing School Community
Explore opportunities that may emerge during a transition phase and the complexity this might bring.
Leading Self
Walk through a facilitated appreciative inquiry process to help you to reflect on how you lead others and identify how to take the best of this forward with you in your career.
Boosting Psychological Wellbeing
An overview of practical tools and techniques for bringing balance to the way you think and feel in a crisis environment.
Leading Remotely
Outlines practical tools and techniques for leading a remote team and positively influencing their wellbeing and productivity in a crisis environment.
Remote Control
Explores practical tools and techniques for being productive while working from home.
Working as a Community of Practice around F-2 reading
This webinar investigates the Communities of Practice approach and the value it can add within your own and across other schools. 
Modelled and independent reading in an online environment
This webinar explores the various approaches and platforms used by schools to facilitate reading lessons with emergent readers.
Phonemic awareness and phonics
This webinar considers how your school approaches phonics instruction by examining the approaches that some schools implemented in the remote learning environment.  
Assessing our EAL students on the continuum
This webinar unpacks how you can work in a professional learning community to identify a student’s learning on the EAL developmental continuum.
Unpacking a student’s point of need - Part A
This webinar examines how you can identify the next point of learning for your students, with a focus on identifying what you know and what you need to find out. Understand how to establish achievable learning goals and how to monitor progress.