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Feature publication
Insights for Early Action - Paper

Insight for Early Action explores the factors that contribute to disengagement, the predictive strength of these factors, and best-practice examples of interventions to prevent disengagement.

Horizon: Thought Leadership - Issue 5

Larry Rosenstock and Rob Riordan (High Tech High), Jan Owen (Foundation for Young Australians), Dr Kimberly Schonert-Reichl and Pippa Rowcliffe  (Uni of British Colombia) consider how to better educate and support students to be successful in the 21st century.

Horizon: Thought Leadership - Issue 4

Academics from the Science of Learning and Research Centre focuses on the role of social interaction in promoting learning in mathematics classroom settings, and examining the important role that confusion, error and feedback play in learning.

Using data, conversations and observations for school improvement

The Centre for Education Policy and Practice investigates the human aspect of professional learning and the ways in which data, conversations and observations can be used as professional learning tools to support school improvement.

Indigenous School Attendance: Creating expectations that are really high and highly real

ACER examines Indigenous school attendance, including a synthesis of publicly available data on school attendance by Indigenous Australians, highlighting areas of major risk.

Horizon: Thought Leadership - Issue 3

​​​Yvonne Goddard, Roger Goddard and Greg Cameron consider the importance of instructional leadership. Their research indicates that there is a strong relationship between instructional leadership, collaboration, collective efficacy and student achievement.

Horizon: Thought Leadership - Issue 2

Professor David Hopkins and Professor Geoff Masters AO explore a model of System Leadership and consider how assessment can shape student, parent and community beliefs about learning.​

Horizon: Thought Leadership - Issue 1

Valerie Hannon examines how should we frame our learning designs to meet the challenges of the 21st century, and Eric Sheninger shares how his views towards digital technologies, particularly social media, significantly changed

Leadership Lessons from Social Entrepreneurs

Leading school change: what school leaders can learn from social entrepreneurs offers personal reflections and enlightening stories about successful social entrepreneurs.

Unlocking Potential: Principal Preparation at Point Cook College - Impact Case Study

Frank Vetere

From the first day at UP, Frank was completely re-engaged in learning and began to really see himself as a principal.

Unlocking Potential: Principal Preparation at Avenel Primary School - Impact Case Study

Neil O’Sullivan

Neil enrolled in UP with a strong desire to understand more about what is involved in being a principal and as a way to strengthen his leadership qualities and capacity.