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2022 Course Calendar

Download the Academy's professional learning calendar for an overview of offerings with indicative dates for 2022.

2021 Professional Learning Calendar

Download Bastow's professional learning calendar for an overview of Bastow’s offerings with indicative dates for 2021.

Insights for Early Action - Resource Pack

A range of frameworks and tools that can support educators to act on insights developed about students at risk of disengagement and take a preventative approach to disengagement. 

Insights for Early Action - Paper

Insight for Early Action explores the factors that contribute to disengagement, the predictive strength of these factors, and best-practice examples of interventions to prevent disengagement.

Insights for Early Action - Literature Review

An overview of the research about predictors of disengagement/school dropout; what and how schools use of data to identify students at risk of disengaging; and the efficacy of early interventions.

Insights for Early Action - Case Studies

An exploration of how school leaders and teachers from a sample of 10 Victorian schools use data to identify students at risk of disengagement.

Leading Pedagogy - Impact Case Study

Cameron Landry and Caroline Hurse

Participation in Bastow’s Leading Pedagogy course has led to a new pedagogical model for literacy at Waubra Primary School. Teachers are excited about the consistent approach, parents are happy with the school’s clear direction, and students are more engaged and achieving better results.

Horizon: Thought Leadership - Issue 8

Learn about Visible Wellbeing™ by academic, researcher and psychologist, Professor Lea Waters, and the rapidly growing area of Positive Education in an extract from a paper written by Associate Professor Mathew White and Dr Margaret L Kern.

Leading Teacher Learning

Leading teacher learning in schools is one of the most important levers available to us to achieve our goal for all students to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions for life long learning.

Horizon: Thought Leadership - Issue 7

International educational leaders Steve Munby, Dr Judy Halbert and Dr Linda Kaser examine what it means to lead using clearly defined and articulated principles and moral purpose, particularly when the role of school leader is more complex than ever before.

Horizon: Thought Leadership - Issue 6

Leading thinkers in mathematics education - Conrad Wolfram from the Wolfram Group, and Yvonne Reilly and Jodie Parsons from Sunshine College - challenge us to consider how we might change our approach to maths education and reinvigorate the curriculum.