Bastow Educational Leadership podcast

Conversations with big thinkers about the big questions in education and leadership today.

What are the big questions in education today - and what does leadership have to do with it?

The Bastow Educational Leadership podcast explores a diverse range of views and perspectives through the lens of educational leadership and its impact on learners and communities.

Join host Angela Scaffidi for conversations with educational thought leaders from Australia and around the world as they discuss the work that drives and inspires them.

Angela Scaffidi loves solving hard problems with smart people, and is passionate about education. She is Managing Partner at SenateSHJ.


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Latest episodes
Episode 9
Head shot of Barbara Blackburn
Dr Barbara Blackburn uses rigour to motivate and engage

Rigour involves raising expectations and teaching and learning to the highest level. Dr Barbara Blackburn explores the building blocks of motivation and how teachers can implement them in their classroom to create a rigorous learning environment.

Episode 8
Richard Gerver
Richard Gerver links leadership, passion and purpose in education

How can school leaders empower parents, students and staff to create sustained positive change? Richard Gerver talks about creating the conditions for excellence and enthusiasm within school communities.

Episode 7
Debbie Pushor
Debbie Pushor champions family stories in schools

Parent engagement is one of the strongest predictors of a child's success in school. But what does it look like in an already busy curriculum? Debbie Pushor explores the high impact teaching strategies of family-centric schools.

Episode 6
Simon Breakspear
Simon Breakspear says agile schools are self-improving schools

Change is complex, because people are complex. How can educational leaders adapt and respond through the change journey to achieve their intended impact? Simon Breakspear says it’s all about being agile.

Episode 5
Head shot of Viviane Robinson
Viviane Robinson calls for quality conversations

What does effective system leadership look like for schools in an increasingly collaborative world? Viviane Robinson talks about being Open to Learning™ to build trust and meaningful improvement.

Episode 4
Headshot of Steve Munby
Steve Munby celebrates imperfect leadership

It’s not paint-by-numbers, and there’s no rule book – so how do we lead ourselves and others to make the biggest difference in our schools? Steve Munby talks about power and love and the strength of imperfect leadership.

Episode 3
Headshot of Kathryn Parker Boudett
Kathryn Parker Boudett sees beauty in using data wisely

How do we harness the power of data to increase equity in education? Kathy Parker Boudett talks about Data Wise, and helping people to work together to seek the truth through evidence.

Episode 2
Valerie Hannon head shot
Valerie Hannon says we need to question what learning is for

We live in a time of unprecedented change, and thought leader and innovator Valerie Hannon believes our education systems are lagging behind. What future are we preparing our young people for, and how do we lead the transformation necessary for them to thrive?

Episode 1
Tony Mackay head shot
Tony Mackay knows the power of networks and partnerships

Global educational influencer Tony Mackay talks about the importance of collaboration in driving the ‘good work’ of change. How do we connect with others to do that work collectively?