Australian Professional Standard for Principals 360° Reflection Tool

The Department of Education and Training is now fully subsidising the cost of accessing the tool for all Victorian Government School Principal Class members and Senior Education Improvement Leaders. The 360° Reflection Tool would normally cost $280.50 (including GST) per person.

Using the 360° Reflection Tool provides Senior Education Improvement Leaders, Government School Principals and Assistant Principals with the opportunity to connect with the Australian Professional Standard for Principals and gather formative feedback on the leadership behaviours they exhibit in their daily work.

The 360° Reflection Tool provides Victoria Government Principal class and Senior Education Improvement Leaders with the ability to:

  • reflect on their leadership capacity
  • learn more about their strengths
  • better understand and explore opportunities for improvement
  • monitor change in their leadership behaviour and actions
  • use that feedback to reflect on and develop a leadership action plan
  • compare their results with those of other Australian school leaders.

The survey itself takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. The whole process takes approximately six (6) weeks. The first week is used to set-up your profile and email your login and password. The survey is then open for the next four (4) weeks to allow your raters to complete the survey. The last week is used to compile the results, create and send your report to you.

To register for the AITSL 360° Reflection Tool as an individual please follow this link

To register for the AITSL 360° Reflection Tool as a group, please contact Val Paezold, Bastow, on or (03) 8199 2900.

All other related enquiries can be directed to:

*If you’re a non-principal class school leader, AITSL offers a Reflection on Practice tool (RPT). The RPT is intended for use by teachers in a range of contexts. Such assessment may be carried out as an initial starting point for informal purposes of self-reflection including the identification of their strengths and areas for further development, or to set career goals or for formal purposes such as annual performance review or certification.

The RPT complements a range of interactive resources to support the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, Certification and The Framework developed by AITSL. For more information please follow this link –

AITSL 360° Reflection Tool available through Bastow has been updated in September 2016. 

As part of AITSL’s commitment to excellence, AITSL commissioned an independent review of the 360° Reflection Tool in early 2016. The review confirmed the tool is an effective feedback resource for school leaders. It also identified some opportunities to enhance users’ experience and provide more comprehensive feedback

How has the 360° Reflection Tool been improved?
By updating the survey questions and measurement scale, and improving guidance materials, the updated tool will be easier to use. Most importantly, the feedback to school leaders will be more refined to better inform professional development.

How has feedback reports changed?
The format of feedback reports will remain the same. However, feedback will be provided against a revised measurement scale enabling users to better identify their strengths and areas for development.

Will returning participants still be able to compare results to previous reports under the older version of the AITSL 360° Reflection Tool?
As the measurement scale and some of the survey questions will change, results in new reports will not be directly comparable with results in current reports. However, it will be possible to compare general strengths and areas for development.

Should you have any questions, please contact AITSL on 03 9944 1251 or via email at