Sample of Practice

On completion of your Self-Assessment, you will receive an email invitation to provide an annotated sample of your practice against selected Performance Indicators from the Victorian Aspirant Principal Assessment (VAPA) Leadership Framework.

​​The Sample of Practice will be assessed by experienced retired principals to determine whether you proceed to the VAPA or whether you require further development.​​

Sample of Practice Information

The Sample of Practice will comprise:

  • a short biography
  • annotations that are concise, self-reflective explanations using the Situation-Action-Outcome format and showing evidence of your current competence (maximum of 300 words per Performance Indicator)

When you receive your email invitation to provide a Sample of Practice, you will be asked to submit your biography and annotations through an online form. You will not receive a copy of the answers you provide in the online form. We therefore strongly recommend that you complete and save your Sample of Practice using this template, and then copy and paste your answers into the online form when you are ready to formally submit. This template has identical wording to the online form and lists the Performance Indicators that you are required to annotate against.

Please refer to the Sample of Practice Guide for advice on developing a Sample of Practice and examples of a completed biography and annotations.

Next steps

Within two-to-three weeks of submitting your Sample of Practice you will be notified whether an assessor has recommended that your proceed to the VAPA. At this time, you will receive written feedback against your Sample of Practice and you will be provided with the opportunity for more detailed feedback to further your professional development. Please consider utilising the Professional Development template throughout your VAPA experience (and beyond!) to catalogue your strengths, areas for professional growth, and guide the development of your goals in your Performance​ and Development Plan.

If you are recommended to proceed to the VAPA you may (depending on numbers) receive a formal offer for the next intake, so please ensure you indicate your acceptance as soon as possible.

For further details regarding the requirements and your expected commitments for the VAPA, please refer to the VAPA website.