COVID-19 update for Bastow participants

Statement of readiness

Professional recognition of the accomplished performance of aspiring principals.

The Victorian Aspiring Principal Assessment (VAPA) will become a requirement for first-time principal appointments on 1 January 2022.

From this date, a statement of readiness will be provided to aspiring principals who complete the VAPA and who are able to provide sufficient evidence to demonstrate the required performance level for professional practice and emotionally intelligent leadership competencies.

The statement provides confidence and assurance that aspiring principals are ready to be appointed to the role of principal. ​

Evidence of a participant's ability to demonstrate their professional practice and emotionally intelligent leadership competency is gathered through 360-degree feedback, a portfolio and an interview. The assessment has been designed to ensure the evidence provided is:

  • valid
  • sufficient
  • current
  • authentic.

The instruments used to assess evidence of participant readiness for the principal role have been developed in partnership with the University of Melbourne and Genos International. They provide a high degree of reliability.

Past VAPA participants will be provided with further information regarding their eligibility for a statement of readiness. For further information, please contact the VAPA team at