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A system-wide approach to identify and prepare Victoria’s next generation of high-quality, expert principals.

The Victorian Aspiring Principal Assessment (VAPA) is a strengths-based assessment for aspiring principals that determines their readiness to be appointed to a principal role, and what professional development they require. It aims to identify and prepare every aspiring principal by ensuring they gain deep insight into their leadership capabilities and areas for development. The VAPA is accessible, equitable and designed to meet the system’s demand for high-quality, capable principals – regardless of school and personal context. 

Download the VAPA Infographic (PDF 238KB) for a detailed explanation of the VAPA process.


Apply for the VAPA

What is involved in the VAPA and how you can register.

Statement of readiness

Professional recognition of the accomplished performance of aspiring principals.

Policy and Advisory Library

Requirements for appointment to a principal position can be found via the School Policy and Advisory Library.