TMF Resources

Gain further insight into the TMF through our great resources.

We provide a range of resources to support school leaders to understand and implement the Talent Management Framework (TMF) in their context. 

Case studies

  1. Adding value at all levels of experience with talent management (PDF 611KB)
  2. Identifying unexpected high potential (PDF 525KB)
  3. Large, multi-campus school uses a distributed leadership model to identify leaders at all levels (PDF 551KB)
  4. Small schools collaborate to implement the Talent Management Framework (PDF 592KB)


Identifying leaders

This video explains the first stage of the TMF, Identify. It outlines the 3 characteristics - performance, potential and readiness -  of individuals with high potential for leadership.



Leadership steps

This video highlights the 4 significant leadership steps that underpin the TMF. 



Talent Management Framework seminar 

An overview of the conceptual framework of the TMF and how to implement it in your school.