COVID-19 update for Bastow participants

Implementing the Talent Management Framework

Get the resources, tools and support you need to implement the TMF in your school.

The TMF resources and tools are available to all Victorian government schools and networks. 

The resources and tools, including templates, orientation packs, briefing documents, case studies and draft school-wide communications are available on Bastow 307, our flexible online learning platform.

A Bastow TMF coach works with you to implement the process and support your leadership team to effectively use the resources and tools.  

The first face-to-face meeting with the coach focuses on implementing the stage 1 of the framework – Identify. We allow approximately 4 weeks for you to implement the first stage with your leadership team.

The coach will reconnect with you to debrief the Identify stage and to discuss the next 2 stages – Develop and Support. The coach is available for any queries that you may have throughout the 3-stage process.

Time commitment for the Identify stage

The TMF is designed to be run on an annual basis. You can start the process at any time in the calendar year to integrate with existing annual planning and budgeting cycles. Timing will be important if you want to create new roles or stretch projects for high potential leaders, or create a provision in the budget for development activities.

The activities that need to be taken at each stage are designed to be simple to use and not time-intensive. Activities typically take 30 minutes to an hour. 

The time commitment to set up the process, including a meeting with the TMF coach and conducting the identify activities, is approximately 8 – 10 hours over 8 weeks. Additional time will be required for the Develop and Support activities, and vary depending on the number of high potential leaders identified and the needs of each high potential leader.

The table below indicates the time commitment for 1 cycle of the TMF.

Overview of TMF timeframe