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Elements of the Talent Management Framework

The TMF is based on a three stage process: Identify, Develop and Support.

Identify, Develop and Support

The Talent Management Framework (TMF) is based on a 3-stage process:

  1. Identify high potential leaders based on performance, potential and readiness.
  2. Develop the leaders' specific learning needs in a variety of contexts including on-the-job.
  3. Support the leaders with feedback and mentoring from a range of people.

Overview of TMF stages

Each stage is supported by a number of simple tools and guidelines that provide a clear step-by-step approach of how to implement the TMF in a school or network context. ​These tools include templates, reference cards and meeting guidelines. The tools have been designed to integrate with existing school processes including the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) and Performance and Development Plan (PDP). 

'It was a great framework for learning more about our leaders and the roles that may suit them. There were questions I wouldn't typically have had the opportunity or thought to ask, which were really helpful. The whole process is well thought out and logical to use. [The TMF] has helped my school to make decisions on future leadership roles in the school.'  Principal feedback

Leadership Steps

The Leadership Steps have been informed by the professional standards for teachers and principals developed by AITSL. The steps outline the different leadership roles that exist between early teacher and system leadership. The Leadership Steps articulate what performance looks like under each level, and helps with development of individuals and succession planning in the school.

Overview of TMF leadership steps

High potential leaders use the Leadership Steps to understand the expectations of the role they're aspiring to. For example, a current emerging leader looking to take on more team leadership responsibility.

Principals map their staff capabilities against the Leadership Steps to see where they need to grow leadership potential. The Leadership Capabilities have also supported both positive and challenging conversations with individuals about where they are need to develop their leadership capabilities.