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A rigorous and transparent approach to identify, develop and support high potential and high performing leaders.

The Bastow Talent Management Framework (TMF) is a dynamic approach to identify, develop and support individuals with high potential for leadership - from an emergent school leader in the classroom to an experienced system leader supporting other schools within their network. The TMF provides a rigorous, transparent and consistent approach for schools, networks and regions to build a pipeline of leaders across the Victorian education system.

The TMF allows you to consider a vast array of leadership qualities … some of which may not have been considered before for particular individuals … it is transparent and gives you confidence when making decisions. (Pitsa Binnion, Principal, McKinnon Secondary College​​​)​​​​​​

We encourage principals and Senior Education Improvement Leaders to find out more about the TMF by contacting Geoffrey Rose, Course Coordinator, at 

Growing high potential leaders

Why is it important to focus on building highly capable leaders?

Elements of the Talent Management Framework

The TMF is based on a three stage process: Identify, Develop and Support.

Implementing the Talent Management Framework

Get the resources, tools and support you need to implement the TMF in your school.

Stage 2: Develop

Identify a range of development opportunities with the TMF.

TMF Resources

Gain further insight into the TMF through our great resources.

Workshop: Implementing Talent Management

A half-day workshop which unpacks the Talent Management Framework approach.