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For Teachers by Teachers: Reading F – 2

A series of recordings focusing on the strategies and approaches schools used to transition their Foundation – Year 2 classrooms during the period of remote teaching and learning.

Recordings were designed and delivered by highly experienced teachers with practical expertise in classrooms and at the network level.

There are 6 recordings in the series.

Working virtually with students in the early years

This webinar explores the various approaches and platforms that were used by schools to facilitate learning while engaging and supporting early learners.

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Unpacking a student’s point of need

This webinar examines how you can identify the next point of learning for your students, with a focus on identifying what you know and what you need to find out. Understand how to establish achievable learning goals and how to monitor progress.

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Assessing our EAL students on the continuum

This webinar unpacks how you can work in a professional learning community to identify a student’s learning on the EAL developmental continuum.

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Phonemic awareness and phonics

This webinar considers how your school approaches phonics instruction by examining the approaches that some schools implemented in the remote learning environment.  

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Modelled and independent reading in an online environment

This webinar explores the various approaches and platforms used by schools to facilitate reading lessons with emergent readers.

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Working as a Community of Practice around F-2 reading

This webinar investigates the Communities of Practice approach and the value it can add within your own and across other schools. 

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