Education State Initiatives

Bastow is supporting broader Education State work by leading three school leadership initiatives that support current leaders and prepare future leaders.

​​​​​​​The three initiatives are:

  • the Inspire: Local Leaders program, which empowers principals to identify and build the leadership capacity of future school leaders. As part of the program, 200 principals and assistant principals will be trained to develop the leadership skills of up to 1300 high potential teachers in their schools, helping to increase the number of quality school leaders.

  • an enhanced Principal Preparation program, which will be rolled out to 160 aspiring principals each year and will include internships of up to 60 days in another school under the guidance of an experienced principal. The program is an eight-month course which prepares teachers for their first principal role.

  • the Wise: Principals as System Leaders program, which will boost school-to-school collaboration by identifying highly capable principals to work with and support other schools in their efforts to improve performance. The program also supports network chairs to take a communities of practice approach to leading and coordinating the activities of their network.