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CoP resources

Resources and information for planning, implementation, building skills and knowledge, and performance assessment.

We are supporting networks to implement a Communities of Practice (CoP) approach by providing resources and information for planning, implementation, building skills and knowledge, and performance assessment.

Resources to implement a CoP approach

Skills, Expertise and Dispositions Matrices (PDF 3.2 MB) to assess, develop and support current and future skills, expertise and dispositions required for Network Chair and Network Executive positions. 

The Network Chair Expression of Interest (PDF 3.9 MB) provides a matrix that supports nominees to create their candidate statement. 

The Leading Communities of Practice: Appendic​es (PDF 3.8 MB) include a range of resources to support implementing a CoP approach, including protocols, meeting agendas and case studies used by current CoPs.

Learn about the Data Driven Dialogue (PDF 1.7 MB) protocol which helps to build awareness and understanding of viewpoints, beliefs, and assumptions about data. 

CoP Self-Assessment Tool

The CoP Self-Assessment Tool sets out the five domains of leadership development which should be supported and enabled by the CoP Approach. There are 18 sub-domains which specify how each domain should look in practice.

The CoP Self-Assessment Tool is used to assess the current performance of a network, and provides a set of guidance activities that can support networks to improve and evolve their application of the Communities of Practice approach.

Networks can access the CoP Self-Assessment Tool via the WISE: System Leaders Bastow307 space. 


Communities of Practice

This video explains the role of the CoP approach in delivering FISO initiatives through the Education State. It outlines the vision of the Education State, the role of principals in implementing FISO, importance of collaboration within education systems, the CoP approach to networks, development stages of networks and the role of SEILs in implementing the approach.

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Networks using the Communities of Practice approach

In this video, principals in different networks discuss their networks’ transition to a CoP approach​.​

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Leading a CoP Approach in your Network

Hear from Networks Chairs about their experiences implementing a CoP approach and strategies that have had impact.