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CoP and FISO

Networks that take a collaborative approach are at the heart of implementing the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO).

The Communities of Practice (CoP) approach is about creating a networked system of schools where school principals within a geographic network come together to adopt the approach, using the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) to drive improvement.

In 2015, the Department of Education and Training (the Department) developed FISO, which has guided the improvement of student outcomes through the development of a common language, the implementation of high impact improvement initiatives, a shared sense of system and new ways of working together.

This includes the formation of 57 geographic networks across Victoria, who have the remit of creating student focused CoP.


  • is an evidence-based framework that helps schools lift student outcomes and build system capability
  • ensures a common language is used among schools across the state so that principals, school leaders, teachers, students, parents, regional staff and policy-makers can work together to create better outcomes for students
  • is made up of the improvement cycle, improvement model and improvement measures.

​Networks can lift student outcomes by adopting a CoP approach to collaboration. Effective school networks are at the heart of FISO.

FISO improvement model

The improvement model provides a common language for school improvement across the Victorian government school system.

See FISO improvement model for more information.

FISO improvement cycle

The improvement cycle uses an evidence-based model to help schools implement a more effective and co​ntinuous improvement cycle. This allows teachers, school leadership teams and school improvement teams to focus on better outcomes for students.

School staff use the improvement cycle to bring FISO to life in their schools. They use the improvement model and improvement measures at different stages of the improvement cycle.

For more information, see FISO improvement cycle.

FISO improvement measures

Schools use data to compare and measure student outcomes as part of the evaluate and diagnose phase of the FISO improvement cycle.

For more information, see FISO improvement measures.