COVID-19 update for Bastow participants

Career Stage Programs

Targeted professional learning for aspiring and current educational leaders to build capacity, knowledge and skills at every career stage.

At Bastow, our vision is to create powerful leadership learning across all levels of the education system so that Victoria becomes the best education system in the world. Bastow’s career stage programs are designed to develop and expand your capability and capacity as an educational leader, whether in anticipation of a first official leadership appointment, to consolidate skills as a senior school leader or a move into principalship.

The suite consists of the following programs, each focused on building the adaptive expertise, leadership dispositions and professional practices you need to improve student learning and wellbeing. For further information on each program, click on the respective link:

These programs provide a continuum of leadership development that supports your career progression. Bastow-commissioned research from 2019 shows that Bastow leadership program graduates are four to five times more likely to be promoted to the next leadership level within four years.