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Our strategic leadership initiatives are designed to strengthen and continually improve leadership at every level in the Victorian education system.

Communities of Practice

A Communities of Practice (CoP) approach is where networks and system leaders share knowledge, experience and resources.

Literacy Suite

A comprehensive range of professional learning that supports literacy teaching and learning.  

Numeracy Suite

A comprehensive range of professional learning that supports numeracy teaching and learning.  

System leadership

An overview of professional learning and initiatives that support system leaders.

Talent Management Framework

A consistent, step-by-step approach to identify, develop and support high potential and high performing leaders.

Thought Leadership Series

A collection of 1-hour webinars that connect Victorian educators to expert global perspectives on education and leadership.

Tutor Learning Initiative Webinar Series

Learn about the Tutor Learning Initiative and how to implement it in your school in 2021.

Victorian Aspiring Principal Assessment program

VAPA supports a system-wide approach to identify and prepare the next generation of Victorian principals.

Career Stage Programs

Targeted professional learning for aspiring and current educational leaders to build capacity, knowledge and skills at every career stage.