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Fees and financial support

We offer a range of subsidies to make it possible for education professionals from Victorian government schools to attend our courses.

Course fees

Most of our courses are significantly subsidised by the Department of Education and Training (the Department) for Victorian government school participants.

Victorian government schools pay a non-refundable co-contribution through the Schools Targeted Funding Portal before the participant attends a course. Catholic and independent schools are entitled to attend our courses at the full cost.

Fees must be paid within 7 days of applying to confirm enrolment.

Course fees cover facilitator support and feedback, learning resources and catering.


We encourage all prospective participants to carefully consider the commitment required to attend our courses before enrolling. There is a high demand for our courses and late withdrawals could mean people miss out.

​If you do need to withdraw from a course, you must give us notice in writing before the orientation or course starts for a refund of the course fees:

  • at least 21 days for a full refund
  • between 14 and 20 days for a 50 per cent refund.

If you withdraw with less than 14 days' notice, we cannot refund your fees.

If you need to withdraw from a Bastow ticketed event, for example, a twilight or conference, you must give us 7 days' notice in writing for a refund.

Accommodation subsidy

To support remote and regional schools to participate in our courses, we offer an accommodation subsidy for Victorian government schools that are more than 100 kilometres from the workshop venue. The subsidy contributes to the cost of accommodation, breakfast, travel (public transport) and parking. Fuel is not an approved expense.

It is the school or participant's responsibility to book and pay for accommodation and travel, and then claim the subsidy after attending the course.

A school can claim up to $150 for each day the participant(s) attends professional learning

​​To claim the subsidy, the school must:

  • provide all related tax invoices and receipts
  • claim within 6 months of attending the course.

The subsidy is paid to the school, not the individual participant.

Note: this subsidy does not apply to accommodation in the residential components of our courses - this cost is covered by Bastow. However, schools can apply for the subsidy if the participant has to travel and/or needs accommodation the night before the first day of a residential component. If a participant shares accommodation with a participant from another school, they can only claim for a share of the subsidy.

Apply for accommodation subsidy

Small school subsidy

For Victorian government school participants that come from schools that have less than 100 students, we offer a small school subsidy.

The subsidy covers the costs of employing a Casual Relief Teacher (CRT).

It is the school’s responsibility to book and pay for the CRT, and then claim the subsidy after the participant attends the course.

Small schools can claim both the accommodation subsidy and the small school subsidy.

Apply for small school subsidy

How to claim the subsidies

Schools can submit their claim for the accommodation and small school subsidies via the Schools Targeted Funding Portal (requires edugate login).

Follow the instructions in the guides and checklists under Schools Targeted Funding Documents, Audience: School.

Initiative Agreements are raised monthly. You need to check the portal for notification of the approved agreement, then submit your claim. We will review your submission and pay the subsidy within 3 months.

Note: you must have paid the Bastow course fees before you can submit a claim for the subsidies.

If you have any questions, contact us on 03 8199 2900 or