Learning Spaces

Bastow offers a range of formal learning spaces which have access to an interactive whiteboard, data  projection, video conferencing and networking capabilities.

​​​​​​​​E5 Studio

The e5 Studio is used for smaller workshops or meetings accommodating up to 24 people seated cabaret style.

This state-of-the-art studio space is designed to support observation activities and ​is fully equipped with an observational booth and recording and editing facilities.

Dewey Common

​With space for up to 42 people in a cabaret style, the Dewey Common is a flexible, light-filled contemporary space located on the ground floor, perfect for all day workshops and interactive learning.

Bastow Theatre

​The Bastow Theatre is an outstanding location for plenary sessions, lectures, presentations and conferences, featuring comfortable, executive-style seating for 100 people.

The superior digital interconnectivity, including three main displays, built-in desk microphones and multi-channel surround sound, allows for video conferencing between other learning spaces.

Syndicate Spaces

The Syndicate spaces are ideally suited for break out activities and small group workshops or meetings. They feature the perfect balance between the building’s rich architectural history — original soaring high ceilings and tall gothic-style windows — and all the advantages of the contemporary refurbishment and state-of-the-art digital technology.

Syndicates 1 and 2 are a large room partitioned into two spaces to accommodate up to 18 people seated cabaret style in each section.

Syndicates 3 and 4 are one open space that can accommodate 42 people. Like the Dewey Common this room is also perfect for all day workshops and interactive learning.

Teacher’s Lounge

The Teacher’s Lounge is a spacious, light-filled area located on the first floor. Great for breakouts the lounge is a more informal learning space. It can accommodate 24 participants seated cabaret style and features a large format touch screen and audio, with access to stored media and the internet.

The Plato Terrace

The Plato Terrace is a unique outdoor auditorium complete with tiered seating for up to 50 people. Tables and benches also make it the perfect location for breaks and lunch.

Room One (582 facility)

Room one is a large learning space that can seat up to 60 participants cabaret style. It is ideal for all day workshops and interactive professional learning.

Room Two (582 facility)

Room two is a flexible learning space that can seat up to 40 participants. It is ideal for all day workshops and interactive professional learning.


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