Facilities Hire

The Bastow building at 603 Queensberry Street in North Melbourne was designed by Henry Bastow - one of Victoria’s foremost architects of civil and public buildings and our namesake - as State School No. 307 in the 1880s.

In 2012, the building was meticulously restored and redeveloped and is now used as learning spaces for our courses and for public hire.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Hire a learning space

When our learning spaces are not being used for our courses, they are available to Department of Education and Training (DET) staff, community groups and businesses for hire. 

Our learning spaces are ideal for meetings, workshops, conferences, lectures and presentations. We also have an informal open area for standing events, and a large outdoor space with tiered seating. The whole building is also available for events that need multiple spaces.

The informal spaces - Plato Terrace, Pathway of Learning and Teaching Lounge - can be used when you hire a formal learning space (subject to availability), or can be each be hired separately.

We also have a second building at 582 Queensberry Street with additional learning spaces for Bastow and DET staff.


All the spaces at 603 Queensberry Street are wheelchair accessible and there is lift access to the second level.

All our learning spaces have audiovisual and IT equipment, including interactive whiteboards, projection screens, video conferencing and WiFi access.

How to book a learning space

Our learning space hire is a not-for-profit service and the rates cover staff, administrative and maintenance costs. We offer subsidised rates to community groups and DET staff.

Our spaces are in high demand and Bastow's courses and events have priority.

Spaces can be hired for a half day or full day between 8am and 9pm (they are generally more available after 5pm and on weekends).

When you book a space, you also need to book and pay for:
  • technical support (except for Dewey Common)
  • administrative support for after-hours and weekend bookings
  • any catering and products.
You can pay by credit card, EFTPOS, BPAY or bank transfer (no cash or cheques).

Bookings can made up to 12 months in advance, however, we reserve the right to cancel the booking up to 1 month before the date to accommodate changes in our course schedule.

To make a booking or find out more, contact us on 8199 2900 or bastow@bastow.vic.edu.au​.

Learning spaces and hire rates

When you book a space, you also need to book and pay for a technician (except for Dewey Common) and an administration assistant for after-hours and weekend bookings.

Technician ​​​Audiovisual and IT set-up and support, as well as video conferencing set-up and monitoring​$90 per hour (minimum 4 hours)
Administration assistant ​​Reception attendance, security and emergency assistance​$50 per hour (minimum 4 h​ours)​

Bastow Theatre

​The Bastow Theatre is an outstanding location for plenary sessions, lectures, presentations and conferences, featuring comfortable, executive-style seating for 100 people.

The superior digital interconnectivity, including three main displays, built-in desk microphones and multi-channel surround sound, allows for video conferencing between other learning spaces.

​Bastow Theatre​Community/DET rate​Corporate rate ​
Half day​$960​$2160
​Full day$1600​$3600​​​​

e5 Studio​

The e5 Studio is used for smaller workshops or meetings accommodating up to 24 people seated cabaret style.

This state-of-the-art studio space is designed to support observation activities and ​is fully equipped with an observational booth and recording and editing facilities.

​e5 StudioCommunity/DET rate​Corporate rate
Half day​$240​$540
​Full day$400​$900

Dewey Common

​With space for up to 42 people in a cabaret style, the Dewey Common is a flexible, light-filled contemporary space located on the ground floor, perfect for all day workshops and interactive learning.

​Dewey CommonCommunity/DET rate​Corporate rate 
Half day​$​480​$1080
​Full day$800​$1800

Syndicate Spaces

The Syndicate spaces are ideally suited for break out activities and small group workshops or meetings. They feature the perfect balance between the building’s rich architectural history — original soaring high ceilings and tall gothic-style windows — and all the advantages of the contemporary refurbishment and state-of-the-art digital technology.

Syndicates 1 and 2 are a large room partitioned into two spaces to accommodate up to 18 people seated cabaret style in each section.

Syndicates 3 and 4 are one open space that can accommodate 42 people.Like the Dewey Common this room is also perfect for all day workshops and interactive learning.

​Syndicate space 1 and 2Community/DET rate
​Corporate rate 
Half day​$288​​$648
​Full day$480​​$1080​​​

​Syndicate spaces 3 and 4 Community/DET rate​Corporate rate 
Half day​$403.20​​$907
​Full day$672​​$1512​​​

​Teacher’s Lounge

The Teacher’s Lounge is a spacious, light-filled area located on the first floor. Great for breakouts the lounge is a more informal learning space. It can accommodate 24 participants seated cabaret style and features a large format touch screen and audio, with access to stored media and the internet.

​Teacher's LoungeCommunity/DET rate​​​Corporate rate 
Half day​$230.40​$518.40
​Full day$384​$864

The Plato Terrace

The Plato Terrace is a unique outdoor auditorium complete with tiered seating for up to 50 people. Tables and benches also make it the perfect location for breaks and lunch. This space can be used when you hire other spaces. 

Orange Room (582 Queensberry Street)

The Orange Room is a large learning space that can seat up to 60 participants cabaret style. It is ideal for all day workshops and interactive professional learning.  (Only available to Bastow and DET staff.)​

​Orange Room​Corporate Rate 
Half day​​$576
​Full day​$960
Green Room (582 Queensberry Street)

The Green Room is a flexible learning space that can seat up to 40 participants. It is ideal for all day workshops and interactive professional learning. (Only available to Bastow and DET staff.)

​Green Room​Corporate rate 
Half day​​$384
​Full day​$640

Catering services

Self-catering is generally not allowed. However, you can serve your own food and drinks in the Pathway of Learning and Plato Terrace for after-hours and weekend bookings, under the strict condition the space is cleaned and left in the same condition it was found.

​For day bookings, we offer morning and afternoon tea packages that can be enjoyed in the Pathway of Learning and Plato Terrace.

*Includes administration cost

​Catering Package ​Includes ​Cost per person*
Morning and afternoon teaTea, coffee, biscuits, fresh fruit and mixed nuts​​​$15
Lunch ​​Lunch voucher to​​ the value of $15 for selected local cafes$17.50

Bastow products 

We also offer quality products with Bastow branding. 

Product​Cost per item
Water bottle $8.50