Learning Marketplace

Read about what's on offer in the Learning Marketplace. 

Autism Teaching Institute (ATI) – find out about current research and ATI initiatives, including the Graduate Diploma of Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, state-wide professional learning programs and professional development, and consultation available to schools.

Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership (Bastow) – discover the range of high-quality, evidence-based leadership professional learning Bastow delivers to Victorian educators to improve student learning outcomes. Find out how we can support the current and future leaders in your school using our Talent Management Framework and the Victorian Aspirant Principal Assessment.

Catalogue of School Support Programs – learn about the new online portal developed to provide principals and school leaders with up-to-date information on programs developed by the Department. The catalogue will allow schools and regional staff to quickly identify relevant programs and supports the Annual Implementation Planning and Strategic Planning processes.

Child Safe Standards – gain a better understanding of Child Safe Standards compliance requirements. Child Safe Standards supports schools to achieve compliance by providing expert advice and resources, raising awareness of common areas of non-compliance and building capacity for schools to maintain compliance.

Cisco WebEx – receive expert advice on Cisco WebEx hardware and software, which is now used in all Victorian government schools. Benefit from a range of materials and user case studies aligned with the Victorian Curriculum F-10 and Framework for Improved Student Outcomes and find out about relevant training opportunities.

Curriculum Support Team – determine what resources and support your school needs to enable teachers to deliver lessons aligned with the Victorian Curriculum F-10.

DET Values understand how DET Values can be applied to your everyday work and increase staff awareness using new resources.

Digital Learning– find out about professional development opportunities and support available for school leadership teams in schools, including digital tools and systems and how these can be used in classrooms.

Early Childhood Transition and VEYLDF – learn about the impact of quality early life experiences and early childhood education and care.

Education Justice Initiative (Court Liaison Officers) – understand how this Department-run program supported by the Children’s Court of Victoria aims to re/connect young people before the criminal division of the Children’s Court. The initiative provides supported education pathways that suit the needs and interests of vulnerable and disengaged young people who are not attending school.

Emergency Management – get the advice, support and information you need about:

  • Emergency Management Planning
  • School Bus Program – Emergency Management Operational Guidelines
  • Bushfire Preparedness.

Employee Wellbeing and Operational Policy – understand the various ways schools can embed health, safety and wellbeing into everything they do, reduce workload pressures for principals and their staff, and streamline ways to meet the Department’s compliance requirements.

Enrolment 2020 – discover the new Find my School website (launched on 24 April 2019) and the new zones in place for the 2020 school year. The team will provide a demonstration of how the website works and answer questions about the new school zones.

Family Violence and Social Cohesion – get preliminary information about the Child Information Sharing Scheme, the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme and the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management Framework. Find out what these schemes will mean for principals, school staff and schools.

Inclusive Classrooms  – discover a suite of high-quality blended professional learning courses to assist with building evidenced-based inclusive practice. This new program is scheduled for state-wide implementation later in 2019 and will support schools to build their capability to implement inclusive practice.

Inclusive Education Grants Team – learn about the Inclusive Education Scholarship initiative aimed at providing opportunities to promote inclusive education practices in schools.

InfoSafe Program – understand how InfoSafe supports school leaders to raise awareness about protecting privacy and sharing information safely. Find out more about available resources (e.g. self-assessment quiz, risk-assessment templates), events and activities.

Insight Assessment Unit – receive information and resources to support your school’s use of the Insight Assessment Platform. The platform brings together the Department’s collection of quality online assessment instruments aligned with the Victorian Curriculum F-10 in a single space and combines them with comprehensive data analytics and reporting.

Integrity Liaison Officer – discuss matters relating to Conflicts of Interest (COI) with School Audit staff and Integrity Liaison Officers, including how to enter declarations on the eduPay COI register.

International Education – learn about the importance of global learning and engagement (GLE) in schools, and its connection to the Education State, Framework for Improved Student Outcomes priorities and the Victorian Curriculum F-10. Discover the range of GLE programs that IED co-/manages and oversees.

Koorie Education Workshops – find out about the services of the Koorie Education Workforce and how it supports schools to build the capability of their staff to create improved outcomes for Koorie students and include Koorie cultural perspectives in the curriculum.

Literacy and Numeracy Strategy and Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy Support initiative – access information and advice from the various program areas supporting this key Education State initiative.

LOOKOUT Centres – learn how these centres boost the capacity of schools, carers, child protection practitioners and out-of-home care services to improve educational outcomes for children and young people living in out-of-home care. Representatives will be available to provide information (including partnering agreements and fact sheets) and to consult with principals about supporting students in out-of-home care.

Mental Health Reform find out about the range of mental health supports for schools contributing to the Education State target of ‘happy, healthy and resilient kids’ and how your school can engage these various supports.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) – connect with OHS Support Officers, who can support and guide you on a variety of OHS topics, including:

  • compliance with OHS legislative requirements
  • readiness for the OHS audits and with required post-audit action items
  • issues related to eduSafe reporting
  • reviewing your School Emergency Management Plan.

Performance and Evaluation Division understand the range of data coaching and performance reporting services available to help interpret and use school data effectively.

Professional Practice and Workforce Reform – connect with the Design and Implementation Unit to discuss the Learning Specialist initiative, including relevant professional learning opportunities and recruitment matters. The unit is keen to seek feedback on how best to support you with this initiative.

Respectful Workplaces learn about the human resource policies, resources, eLearning and employee support services related to the Respectful Workplaces program.

Restraint and Seclusion  learn about the Department’s restraint and seclusion policy and reporting requirements, and how they contribute to improved outcomes for students and staff.

School Communications – receive practical information and resources to support your school with communications and engagement. Provide feedback on current Department communication and engagement activities to inform future work of the Department’s central program areas and regional teams.

School Operations and Governance – find out about the range of services the People and Executive Services Group offers to principals and school leaders.

Student Support Services (SSS) – discover how the SSS:

  • provides advice and intervention related to student learning, wellbeing and engagement
  • provides diagnostic and/or assessment services, including eligibility for the Program for Students with Disabilities
  • builds the capability of teachers, support staff and families
  • provides short-term counselling, clinical case management, therapy and/or intervention with individual students or groups
  • assists with recovery support following critical incidents or distressing events.

Teacher Professional Practice Unit – find out about projects in the graduate teacher induction space, as well as resources for student voice, agency, leadership, the Victorian Teaching and Learning Model, and the Aboriginal workforce.

Transitions and Pathways – learn about:

  • the Department’s career education reform – Morrisby Online diagnostic tool and career counselling state-wide roll-out
  • Head Start apprenticeships and traineeships
  • early school leavers – Education State target, exemption applications, requirements and procedures
  • Years 6–7 transition.

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority – find out about the Education State Targets Sample Assessment Programs in Critical and Creative Thinking and the Arts.

Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) – learn how VIT regulates for a highly qualified, proficient and reputable teaching profession, contributing to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. The institute ensures all Victorian students have the best teachers by accrediting the quality of initial teacher education programs, monitoring the suitability of registered teachers, developing their practice through professional standards, and ensuring they comply with the Codes of Conduct and Ethics.

Victorian Professional Learning Communities – discover initiatives that develop teacher efficacy to improve student learning outcomes and contribute to the Education State reform agenda to build pride and confidence in our schools.

Victorian School Building Authority – manages the education construction boom that will ensure every Victorian child has access to a great school that prepares them to thrive in the 21st Century. Learn from our team of building experts, project managers, architects and specialists in relocatable buildings and our community engagement experts, on how we can support you and your school in maintaining and upgrading your school.

Workplace Development and Performance find out about the professional development workshops available to support school staff with their Professional Development Plans (PDPs). The Workplace Development and Performance unit supports the professional development of principals, teachers and education support staff by implementing the Performance and Development approach in schools.